100 Member Milestone

:tada: 100 Member Milestone!

Good afternoon everybody, today is a big day and milestone for the team here at AnomicForum.

Founded in July of 2022, the Anomic Community Forum was started as a site for civil discussion centered around Anomic. Fast forward to April of 2024, and even though our growth was slow and we’ve been through multiple hardships in maintaining the site, I am happy to state that it has paid off.

Our team has seen an exponential growth in site registrations, with as many as 15 people registering each day, and we hope these new registrations will help the site gain traction and discussion. We expect this site to be on track to surpass 200 members in the upcoming month as well due to this growth.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with the Anomic Community Forum during this time, and we hope to see you participating in discussion on our site soon.

The AnomicForum Team.

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