A new AnomicRP community emerges

Good afternoon, we’re nearing the end of July now. Today, we have an article about a new emerging community that has been changing the gameplay experience within Anomic along with some other updates.

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Published: 6/29/2024
Written By: @LinuxCE
This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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@BonfireDeveloper, Published 6/24/24, Accessed 6/29/24, Discord
@MeMarkx, Published 6/23/24, Accessed 6/29/24, Discord

A new AnomicRP community emerges.

A new community within Anomic dedicated to hosting roleplay sessions in private servers has emerged and is growing exponentially. @AlKashirChief, the director and founder of this community was a former staff member of the official ARP community has founded his own: Nevada Roleplay.

As of 2024-06-29T04:00:00Z, the community has 144 members and counting. This community is only a little over a week old, with tremendous growth for a new server centered around Anomic.

Nevada Roleplay is a community centered around creating a realistic RP experience in Anomic when compared to public servers. NRP has many departments, ranging from transportation to the government, along with countless player-created companies and organizations. The community even has its own Mayor, @TheBac0nHa1rNum8er1.

If you’re interested in joining Nevada Roleplay, check out the Discord guild below.

The C&C Update rolls up…

On 2024-07-13T23:00:00Z, the C&C Update announced by @BonfireDeveloper will be rolling out to servers. With new vehicles, map updates, and more to come, it’s another step forward for the game and it’s community.

:tada: AnomicForum’s 300 Member Milestone, rolling up soon.

We’re happy to announce that the 300-member milestone for AnomicForum.xyz is coming soon! We’ve gone a long way since our starts in July of 2022, and now we’re here growing faster than ever.

Thank you to all our supporting members and staff!

That about wraps it up for this newsletter, be sure to tune in next time on our upcoming articles! Got a story to share? Contact the Anomic Newsletter Writers team.

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We’re nearing the end of July :exploding_head:


california update when


@Agent-90 Right here for the C&C update. Maybe it will be included, who knows? :eyes:

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