Anomic In-Game Guidelines

In-Game Guidelines

This document will go over the in-game guidelines for Anomic, it’ll violations with their respective penalties and examples. Before you play Anomic, you must read these guidelines to understand the ground rules to follow while playing the game to make the experience a friendly environment for everybody.

This post is a variation of the Anomic In-Game Guidelines written by Anomic Studios. It has no moderative value and is not approved by Anomic Studios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the guidelines regarding behavior/conduct?
Interacting with other players civilly when participating in the game is important. Follow these three key points when you’re in-game.

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Respect each other. Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.

Following those three key points will make gameplay more enjoyable and fun for yourself and everybody else.

Q: I was banned, can I appeal it?
Depending on your case, you may be able to appeal your ban. Please read the Ban Policy and Appeal section of this post.

Q: A fellow player is violating these guidelines, what can I do?
If the player is violating a rule written in Roblox’s Terms of Service, you can report the player using Roblox’s in-game reporting system. This can be found in the menu by pressing [ESC] and clicking the flag icon next to the violator’s username.

If the player is violating a rule written in the Anomic In-Game Guidelines, you can report them in the Anomic Community Discord Server. If the violation is about a plot, read “Q: A plot is violating the guidelines, what can I do?”.

Q: A plot is violating the guidelines, what can I do?
If a plot is violating the guidelines, you can press [Q] while hovering your mouse over the violating plot to open the reporting menu. From there, follow the on-screen instructions.

Q: I need general help regarding the in-game guidelines.
If you don’t understand a guideline, have a question on what an example would be for a particular violation, or another question/concern you can ask the community for an answer by posting a topic in the Community Support category.

Guideline Violations

Now, let’s get into what actions are prohibited and should be avoided to prevent moderative action on your account. Remember, these are not concrete rules so avoid even the appearance of any of these things.

Level 1 Violations

  • Printer Base: 1 Day
    A printer farm is a plot where part of the wall is extended to allow for printers to be placed while still under full protection of the plot.

  • Killbase: 2 Days
    A Killbase is a plot where players inside can shoot at others while the others are restricted from shooting back.

  • Mayor Abuse: 2 Days
    AFK farming or trapping yourself as the mayor to avoid others from killing you is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban if caught.

  • Standard Glitching: 3-5 Days
    Using glitches within Roblox or Anomic’s basic physics system.

  • Killfarm: 4 Days
    A Killfarm is a Killbase except victims are trapped inside the plot with no way out.

  • Roofbases: 5-7 Days
    A roof base is any plot with a roof surrounded by walls or covers intended to prevent gunfire/kill others. Determining roof bases and their relation to prop blocking is at an admin’s discretion. They ARE allowed on PRIVATE servers.

  • Offsite Advertising: 7 Days
    Advertising online services that are not within Roblox (Discord, YouTube, Twitch, etc.) (You may advertise your discord USERNAME, just not a server.)

Level 2 Violations

  • Bypassing Roblox’s Chat: 8-20 Days
    This includes any racial, sexual, or drug use topics.
  • Prop-blocking: 8-10 Days
    Prop-blocking is using props to restrict a public area or someone else’s plot. This does NOT include blocking your own plot; however, it includes your mailbox.
  • Inappropriate Builds: 14 Days
    Intentionally creating sexual or otherwise inappropriate plots. This can become a perm ban at an admin’s discretion.

Level 3 Violations

  • Inappropriate Audio: 17 Days or Permanent
    Playing loud, racist, or other bypassed audio.

Level 4 Violations

  • Sign Text Bypassing: 32 Days or Permanent
    Using signs to display offensive text. This includes ANY text relating to drug use, sexual content, or racist/discriminatory text.
  • Cross-trading: Permanent & Unappealable
    Trading items or cash for a currency other than within Anomic (Robux, IRL money, etc.)
  • Exploiting: Permanent & Unappealable
    Exploits are an immediate permanent ban.
  • Breaking Roblox’s TOS: Permanent
    Breaking severe rules mentioned in Roblox’s Terms of Service.

Ban Policy

Each ban placed on a player’s account is recorded and counted. If you reach three bans, it will become a permanent ban which cannot be appealed. Note that administrators are unable to reverse the ban counter.

Administrators may ban users for reasons not mentioned in the Anomic In-Game Guidelines so long as it’s justified. If you believe it was unjustified, file an appeal claim.

You may appeal most bans, however, any permanent ban or a ban under 14 days long may not be appealed. Bans that are 5 months or older cannot be appealed either.


If you need to appeal a ban that was placed on your account, you must do so in the Anomic Community Discord Server. To access this server, click the server invite link below and navigate to the #ban-appeals channel.

Need help?

If you still need help regarding the Anomic In-Game Guidelines, please post a topic in the Community Support category and our community members will provide you with an answer.

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