Anomic Newsletter 1/21/24: January Recapped


Anomic Newsletter 1/21/24: Janurary Recapped

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Published: 1/21/24
Written By: @LinuxCE
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Welcome back to the Anomic Missionary everybody, here’s your next newsletter article. Today, we’ll be going over the new game updates released this month along with some other news.

Janurary Updates

Just yesterday on Janurary 20th, the final update as part of the New Years/Christmas update series has been released. Let’s go over the new changes that were made to the game during this update.

New Vehicles

New vehicles have just been released. These vehicles are the Family SUV, Import Wagon, and Import Sedan. These vehicles are similar to previous ones in Anomic as they are mainly modified versions. Don’t expect full redesigns.

Vehicle Remodels

Tow Truck
Multiple vehicles were remodeled following the update. We’ll start off with the Tow Truck, the major changes to the Tow Truck was that the vehicle was actually switched from a Van to a Sedan if you look closely, the sirens were remodeled and headlights can now strobe with the siren. The flatbed was also changed.

The Tow Truck remodeled to a sedan has brought another change, its performance. The acceleration is now higher, and it handles more of a car. It doesn’t feel like a tow truck at all. All they did was slap some stuff on it.

This vehicle redesign gets a whopping 3/10 from our team.


Now, a step up from that atrocity is the Lowrider. Now, this remodel is pretty good, the hood and front bumper area of the vehicle were remodeled with an additional grill and some other features. The interior cabin area of the vehicle also got new seats. The rear bumper area also got some additional modifications to the tail lights as well.

This vehicle redesign gets a 7/10 from our team.



Now, the Hearse is unfortunately not as good as the Lowrider remodeling. There were two major changes to the Hearse, the rear curtain was removed and it seems like there is a new “Trunk” door for the casket. It also seems like the material for the casket area was also changed.

This vehicle redesign gets a 5/10 from our team.


Armored Van (SWAT)
The final vehicle that was remodeled in the game was the Armored Van, this is the vehicle that got the most changes, closer to a complete redesign. Firstly, the strobe lights have been remade and there are strobe lights on the grill area of the vehicle and at the rear. A front bumper guard has also been installed. On the side of the vehicle, the words SHERIFF have been printed near the back. In the rear of the vehicle, the doors were remodeled along with the new strobe lights, the tail lights had been also relocated to the bottom. For the interior of the vehicle, the seats in the back have been replaced with a bench with a capacity of two.

This vehicle redesign gets a 7/10 from our team.



Thanks for reading this newsletter! We’ll see you next time.

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