Anomic Newsletter 10/29/23: Welcome Back & October Updates


Title: Welcome Back & October Updates
Short Description: In today’s newsletter, we’ll cover the return of the Anomic Community Forum & the brand new October Halloween Updates

Published: 10/29/23
Written By: @LinuxCE

We’re Back!

Hello everybody, the forum’s team is happy to announce the the Anomic Community Forum is back online and is here to stay. We won’t be going away after a month anymore, instead we’ll be staying online and we can stay behind our claims.

October Halloween Updates by @Bonfire

Recently on October 28th, 2023, an update was released centered around Halloween. Many features were added to the game such as new crew management features, new garages (with a garage removal button and garage build function added), and even a special Halloween Event that allows you to gain access to a Jack O’ Lantern prop.

There are many additions and modifications done to the game, however, we’ll recap and go over the most notable ones.

Halloween Collectible Event

Included in the Halloween Update, there was an event where you can get a collectible prop such as the Jack O’ Lantern. In order to gain this prop, you will need to complete a quest in Anomic consisting of gathering notes around the map and fighting NPC’s. However, for the notes to spawn you will need to achieve the 1/8 chance of getting the “Bloodmoon” in order to get the notes to spawn. Fun Fact, if you go to the cottage in the “Forestry” area, you’ll find a deranged doctors little cottage.

Also, there is a new Halloween Roadster vehicle (customized lowrider). Get it while you can before it gets REMOVED! Cost is approximately $7,000.

And lastly, you can also get a VHS Tape to play a little recording of Bonfire on the television. You can buy the VHS Tape in the crafter’s team shop.

For more information, please read the patch notes located at the bottom of this article.

You can watch @GolfFish380’s video about the Bloodmoon update here:


Original Heavy Vests have been Restored

A long-awaited update by players has finally arrived: Restored Heavy Vests. The original mesh has been restored. Do note that other vests such as the light vest, sheriff vest, SWAT vest, and other variants have not been reverted. However, if you really want it while your in those teams, I suppose you could equip the heavy vest first then equip your job items.


New Garage Variants & Arway Building Arrangements

In Arway and other areas, you will find that there are new building variants (mainly garages) located on the map. @Bonfire had moved some of the buildings around, you can see the building rearrangement in the photo below.


New Crew Management Features & Tommy Gun Price Added (finally :smiley: :tada:)

Brand new crew management features have been added to the crew pass! Crew leaders can now do things such as vending items to their crew members, calling crew members to the crew leader’s location, and even push internal crew announcements.

Also, the Tommy Gun is now paid for instead of being free for crew leaders. (finally, no more tommy gun raiders! our prayers have been answered.)


That’s it for our newsletter article today! You can read @Bonfire’s patch notes below. Happy Halloween everybody! :jack_o_lantern:

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