Anomic Newsletter 11/12/23: There's a New Sheriff in Town


The Anomic Missionary
Title: There’s a New Sheriff in Town
Short Description: In today’s article, we’ll be covering a new Sheriff in Anomic County and some other news stories.

Published: 11/12/23
Written By: @LinuxCE

Welcome back, everybody. As some of you may have noticed, we’ve put up some Christmas decorations on the forum. We have some news stories to tell you, so let’s dive right in.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Well well, looks like we have a new Sheriff. User @Leo_skilled has decided to start his own Sheriff’s office in Anomic. We believe he used to be involved with the government in AnomicRP (ARP), but now he has pivoted away from there.

Some are skeptical about how effective this can be since Anomic is in a form of anarchy, so only time will tell if this department will succeed or hit rock bottom.

Tired of getting blasted into oblivion by gang members?
Tired of incompetent sheriffs who cant aim straight?
Tired of reporting your car stolen but never getting it back?
The ACSO will ensure you can call for trained officers to come and assist you.
Or even join our office to help keep the County secure.

- Leo_skilled

Anomic v1.15.1.2 is Here

Today, @Bonfire announced patch notes for the new version of Anomic. This mainly included the removal of the Blood Moon quest but also included an extension of the road to Eaphis Plateau.

Also, a user by the name of Lava_Cast has been going around spreading the words “#BENCHINEAPHISPLATEAU” and "#BENCHINPAHRUMP# and so forth. Seems like @Bonfire has been taking noticed and these changes are now visible in the game.

Blood Moon Event Changes

  • Blood Moon quest has been removed
  • Dr. Hoguera’s Cottage has been reverted

Event Item Changes

  • All upcoming event items have been converted to event items and are now available in your event inventory
  • Hearse has been remodeled

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Extended Eaphis Plateau Road

Anticheat Changes

  • Patched the 1.5k dupe

All servers were restarted for this update.

“X-OF” Group Raids Arway & Pahrump

A group/clan named “X-OF” recently raided Arway and Pahrump on Sunday (11/12/23). The group vandalized and destroyed vehicles that were spawned, they also shot at other people in the area who were not in the clan.

This has been one of the largest organized public server raids Anomic has seen in awhile. X-OF isn’t particularly a well-known crew, however, this raid has drawn a lot of attention to them.

It was crazy, from the moment they began firing everybody was running. Players were running from the raiders. They blew up vehicles and shot at anybody they could see.

- Witness

The Anomic Missionary was able to get some footage of the Pahrump raid after it had started. We unfortunately do not have any footage of the Arway raid at this time.

Well then, that’s it for today’s Anomic Missionary article! If you have any news stories you’d like our team to look into, feel free to write to us! Thanks for reading.

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