Anomic Newsletter 11/26/23: Hodicus Hosts Competition, Anomic County Stories is Gone


The Anomic Missionary
Title: Hodicus Hosts Competition, MrBoxTurtle Wins a “Scar” Rifle
Short Description: Hodicus hosts a competition where two individuals compete for a prize.

Published: 11/26/23
Written By: @LinuxCE

Hodicus Hosts Competition

Just today, an administrator by the name of @Hodicus hosted a competition where two individuals competed for a rare item. MrBoxTurtle, a contestant during the competition/gameshow was able to finish the trivia and won a shootout game at the end. He reportedly won a “Scar” rifle, a rare item in the game.

After the gameshow had ended, @Hodicus began to host a competition where two contestants would be set in a shootout, and whoever was last standing would win. This new gameshow excluded the trivia part.

You can watch a video recording of the competition here.

Anomic Roleplay: Anomic County Stories Community is Gone

Recently, the community Anomic Roleplay: Anomic County Stories was shut down due to a struggle with activity. The community slowly began to decline and RP sessions began to stop. Afterwards, @DuhLordexZX decided to make an official announcement stating that the community was shutting down for good.

Official Announcement from @DuhLordexZX regarding the ARP:ACS Shutdown

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