Anomic Newsletter 4/18/24: Saint Patrick & April Fools

Anomic Newsletter 4/18/24: Saint Patrick & April Fools

Good afternoon, it has been a while since our last newsletter post which was in mid-January. We’ve got a lot to catch up on, so let’s dive into the Saint Patrick’s Day and April Fools updates now. Welcome back to our newsletter.

Published: 4/18/24
Written By: @LinuxCE
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Saint Patrick’s Day

Around a month ago, the Saint Patrick’s Day event update was released. Some notable additions to the game were the brand new School Bus (you can watch the video regarding that below), the Lucky Top Hat, and the Bucket O’ Gold quest. These items are no longer obtainable.

You can watch the school bus preview video below, the video was taken before the update was released.

If you’re interested in them, the update logs for Saint Patrick’s Day is available below.

Saint Patrick's Day Update Logs from @Bonfire

@everyone Anomic v1.19 “Saint Patrick’s Day Update 1/2” Released

Patch notes:

New Server Quest: Lucky Quest

  • New Event Prop: Bucket O’ Gold
  • Gaslight Bonfire into thinking it’s raining so he can grant you a rainbow!
  • This quest will be available until the Saint Patrick’s Day Event ends (March 30).
  • This quest has no requirements; it is available in public and private servers regardless of player count.

Bryan’s Quest Route 1 Revamped

  • CHANCE factor has been removed (public servers have a 100% chance of spawning the quest)
  • Section 1 is now 40% easier
  • Added a screen shake effect to the quest explosion
  • Revamped Bryan’s Bunker
    • Added CCTVs around the map

New Event Items

  • Lucky Tophat (Crafter team)
  • Developer comment: We have an event vehicle planned to be released at a later date before the event ends.

New Vehicles

  • SWAT Transporter (SWAT exclusive)
    • Windshield requires 3 bullets to break
  • SWAT SUV (SWAT exclusive)
  • School Bus (Cab Driver exclusive)

New Items

  • Bucket

New Props

  • Regular
    • Traffic Cone
  • Advanced
    • Cube
    • Truss (Cube, Small, Medium, Tall)
  • Event
    • Bucket O’ Gold (Complete Lucky Quest)

Vehicle Changes

  • Armored Van has been remodeled
    • Renamed to SWAT Truck
  • Sports Car remodeled to better represent its real life counterpart (1986 Porsche 911 Turbo)
  • Coupe remodeled to better represent its real life counterpart (1991 Suzuki Cappuccino)
    • Cute Coupe has not been affected, however this may change in the future
  • Bus playtime requirement changed: 12 → 10 hours

Gun Changes

  • Combat Pistol remodeled: HK USP (1993) → Glock 17 (1982)

  • Tactical SMG remodeled: HK MP7 (2001) → Steyr TMP (1992)

    • Stat changes:
      • Firerate: 630 → 700
      • Damage: 12.5 → 15
      • Mag size: 20 → 15
  • Bullpup Shotgun remodeled: Kel-Tec KSG (2011) → Mossberg 500 Bullpup (1985)

    • Bullpup Shotgun now has a custom reload animation. This is an experimental feature, please send your feedback if you have any.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hit registration completely on vehicles
  • Improved hit registration on players
  • Fixed Door Ram holding animation
  • Fixed a fps drop issue when shooting in a vehicle while tons of other vehicles are spawned
  • Automatic firerate should now be stable

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Water is now green
  • Added a suicide killlog

Developer comment: We had some badges planned with this update, but there was some issues with game permissions so I couldn’t manage it. I’ll add it in one week, along with even more content, including an event vehicle.

All servers were restarted for this update.

This event will end in two weeks (March 30th).

April Fools

The April Fools event turned the entire map of Nevada and Arizona into the country of Great Britain. Deemed the worst update by some users in the Anomic community Discord and a rating of 2.67/5 here, it was clear not many people were fond of it.

All firearms were removed from the game and were replaced with melee weapons such as swords and knives. Vehicles were also remodeled for the update and some vehicles were entirely removed until the update was reverted.

Watch the Anomic April Fools 2024 update coverage here.

Anomic Wiki Hires

Recently, @DrippedChonk who is a new administrator for the Anomic Fandom Wiki site has opened applications for moderation which have been closed at the time of this newsletter. The wiki has been under re-construction and posts are being edited. The entire wiki is expected to have a complete overhaul. The site has now been considered official according to @Bonfire in the applications announcement.

Speaking of the Anomic Wiki, this is a reminder for us to get on our game and work on our own knowledge base. :wink: If you want to contribute, register and visit the Anomic Knowledgebase.

That about wraps up today’s newsletter! Thanks for reading, we’ll see all of you next time with the next newsletter.

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