Anomic Newsletter 7/14/22


Published: 7/14/22
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Anomic 2 Updates

Currently, the ROBLOX game Anomic 1 updates have ceased until lately. Nowadays, Anomic 2 would be the game that is in development regularly, but lately, an update in Anomic 1 that was brought from Anomic 2 has been bringing backlash. The update consisted of animations and some items from Anomic 2 being brought into Anomic 1, which replaced the existing items in Anomic 1. Many players have complained and the community is not sure why Anomic Studios would’ve done an update like that.

ACF - Anomic Community Forum Updates

Now, let’s go over the new features that are being worked on in the ACF website by the staff team. (some features/updates may have been released already)

Community Live Chat

Something new to ACF is the live chat function. There are currently four channels at this time of this post. Below are the four channels.


The live chat allows users to communicate with others in real-time, which is like Discord and IM (instant-messaging).

ACF Bulletin Board

The purpose of the ACF Bulletin Board is for businesses and crews in Anomic to post their policies, about page, and other information for Anomic players to refer to. It is like a public storage bin, or museum.

That’s it for this week’s newsletter! Thanks for reading.

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