Anomic Roleplay is falling off, here's why

To avoid confusion as there are multiple Anomic Roleplay communities, I am talking about the official Anomic Roleplay Community (also known as ARP) which is a Discord server dedicated to hosting daily RP sessions in Anomic.


I joined ARP on January 1st, 2023 as I was referred by a friend. I can say that the first few days were pretty good, new members were welcomed and everyone knew each other.

At this time, ARP was probably only a few months old I believe and the community was in a pretty good state. RP Sessions were civilized and I managed to start a couple of businesses with a lot of positive feedback and customers.

However, as time progressed and old members left and new people joined, the intent to RP felt like it was declining. The ARP government had began to also become the center of controversy as accusations of corruption were made, drama during the elections, and more. This wouldn’t be the worst of it though.

I have been in ARP for around a year, split up into 4-5 terms. Each time I rejoined ARP, I began to notice how the community was moving away from once being a welcome space for everyone to being a less friendly environment. In fact, an incident later occured in the community where a group of individuals attempted to leak personal information of community members in ARP. The ordeal lasted around two months.

I also believe that some of the ARP staff contributed to the downfall of this community, certain administrators punishing members for breaching rules while they themselves rule bend, staff getting hired who have previously harassed other individuals in the community such as sending NSFW content, and even a certain staff member sending threats to multiple community members.

The last time I was in ARP, there was no such thing as “having fun” anymore. The environment was not welcoming, I was harassed by multiple individuals including certain staff members who were not challenged or dealt with properly, and the community felt like it was in shambles.

I have stated before that I would leave ARP for good, but I would return around a month later, however, I feel like this is the time where I truly feel like I will never return to that community. The harassment, unwelcome environment, and incompetence of certain staff members does not compel me to enter the community again.

The official Anomic Roleplay Community went from being a respectable place where many people had a great time in their experience with Anomic to a place with harassment, incompetence, and drama.

I wish I could’ve said more positive things about my latest experiences with ARP, I really do, but it has unfortunately become a horrendous place over the past few months. In fact, I believe public servers in Anomic might be more civilized in some places when compared to AnomicRP sessions.

Even a community manager said, the community has worse people than in public servers.

So if you’re looking for a place for roleplay in Anomic, please don’t choose the official Anomic Roleplay Community, I don’t think it’s worth your time or energy. Stick to public servers or an alternative RP community. I still ponder to this day why that community is labeled as official and endorsed by Anomic Staff when all that occurs inside. Leaving ARP was like a breath of fresh air for me.

I know that many people have had a similar experience, from being banned or kicked unfairly or being harassed by other members. If you would like to share your experience in ARP, reply with your own story. I’d like to hear your point of view on this community, even if you disagree.

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idk i joined in late October and got banned 2 diff times, first ban was reasonable but the second one was just to get rid of me lmfao (someone didn’t like me in a position of power since I was elected sheriff)

mod false warned me with 0 proof of me breaking this “rule” and kashir even said he removed it but guess what???
he didn’t

then qq said himself talking in news channel doesn’t count towards ban, but guess what
it does

(the other warning was rk and it was fair lmfao)

but yeah very uh good staff team :+1:

(edits were for my amazing grammar)

yeah and they never even perm banned me either qq and slq just leaves me on read and blocked the dyno appeal sheet

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Can you tell us the ban reason?

well my first warning for my next chance was false.

the moderator claimed that he closed down the area but he didn’t, I thought he was an enemy and killed him since he was literally at the entrance of an enemy base with a mask on. He then proceed to warn me for “interrupting staff investigation” I tried to appeal this and kashir said yeah ill remove it. I have dm proof of that too. but he infact did not.

my second warn was literally just talking in news channel. and it was a retarded warn because I literally was saying “by the way make sure the heading is correct.”

My 3rd warn and the one that got me banned for a second time (and silently perma banned)was RK. I was just bored since it was like 3 people and I guess they took me randomly killing them seriously.

and the reason i say silently perm banned was because perm ban is support to be the 3rd ban, but qq decided to ghost me and block me from the appeal form so who knows now

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I have witnessed staff also talking in the news channel at some points, but they just let it slide and go under the radar.

This may have been justified as RDM is pretty much not tolerated, although their communication is horrendous.

idk why im responding so late but I was talking to a friend that’s still in arp (bacon) and he asked why I got banned and I gave the same story like what I said earlier and he said that’s not a perm ban and disappeared, 1 minute later qq responds (I kid you not after 2 months) and he says this

“okay so just to clarify everything up, you are perm banned because you sent gore - gore is also against discord TOS”

so yeah I guess there’s your explanation, and I sent this to an admins dms not going to name names. so I didn’t even post it in the server but ok and not to mention that person sent me some back sooooo but I’m not a snitching bastard so yeah

might ask to be unbanned this fall during next unban wave who knows

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idk theres some dms

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I’m going to have to agree with their ban on that incident, since a ban for that infraction makes sense. Although, they need to improve their communication.

valid i just got pissed that it took 3 months for a response and he only did because a friend asked him which is why I yapped so much earlier

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