Anomic Street Dice Game

Some of you might be familiar with street dice, a game where players bet money on the outcome of a dice roll. Ever since Bonfire added the “dice/die” item to Anomic, it’s possible to play games involving the dice.

The original street dice game is too complicated to be played in Anomic, so here’s an extremely modified version of street dice that I call “Anomic Street Dice”.

Yes, this game involves gambling. Please don’t gamble your life savings away.

Yes, this game has been extremely modified from the original street dice game and may not even resemble it at all. Get over it.

Note that this game requires you to have the dice tool, which is an event item. One of the players who has the dice tool can also distribute it to other players for free if the others do not have the dice.

Alright, let’s go over the rules first.

  1. Maximum of Two PlayersOnly two players can play this dice game at once. You can alternate players through each round if you have more than two and an even amount of players. (e.g. six players, you split all the players into three rounds so everyone gets a turn.)

  2. Matching BetsThe shooter at the beginning of the round will have to “bet” a certain amount of money, the opponent’s bet must match up to the shooter’s bet. This is also known as placing money in the pot. (e.g. shooter bets $50, the opponent bets $50 as well)

Now that rules are out of the way, let’s go over how to play this game. If you have any questions or need clarification, reply to this post and I’ll answer.

Again, at least one player out of the two needs to have the dice item in-game to give one to the other. Each player will need only one dice to play.

  1. Roll the Dice to Determine the Shooter
    Each player must now roll the dice at the same time. Whoever gets the higher number on their dice will become the shooter. The person who gets the lower number will become the opponent to the shooter.

  2. Shooter places a Bet or Money in the “Pot”
    Now, the shooter must bet a certain amount of money. The opponent must also bet the same amount of money as the shooter, once you agree to the bet there is no going back.

  3. Roll the Dice
    At this time, both players must roll the dice. If one of the player’s dice gets either a number three or six, that player automatically wins all the cash in the pot and the game ends. It doesn’t matter if the other player did not land on three or six. If both players don’t land on three or six, they must reroll the dice. If both players land on a three or six, they must reroll the dice. Read the chart below for a full review of this.


[A]: If the Dice lands on numbers 3 or 6 → Player who got the dice to roll on those numbers WINS the pot of money even if the other player got [B]. This is when the game ends.

[B]: If the Dice lands on other numbers → Reroll the dice only if both players didn’t get [A].

[C]: If both players get a number of 3 or 6 → Reroll the dice.

  1. End of Game
    The game will end once a player wins the pot of money, after which the game can be restarted as another round.

This should be a simple game. If you have any questions let me know by replying and I’ll respond. If you have any suggestions to modify the game, feel free to let me know as well.

Finally, please don’t gamble your life savings away.

as if i didn’t already gamble my life savings away…