AnomicForum for Business

Introduction to AnomicForum for Business

AnomicForum for Business is a service available on this forum. Suitable for small businesses to large organizations in Anomic, AnomicForum for Business is a business collaboration suite where employees can communicate efficiently and share.


Want to learn about how AnomicForum for Business can impact your Anomic company? Learn about our available features here.

1. Multipurpose Mailbox

With a multipurpose mailbox accessible by anyone within your organization, it allows for quick and organized communication. Suitable for company-wide announcements, employee polls, communication, and more.

Want a private discussion between multiple employees but not accessible to the entire company/group? Not a problem, just create a private message.

Your multipurpose mailbox can also be used to handle incoming mail to your organization. If set up, you can allow other users outside your organization to message you within the forum with inquiries.

2. Group Directory

Each organization is assigned a group where all employees will be grouped, allowing for company admins to quickly grasp an overview of anyone in their organization.

Company admins can also invite users to their organization by creating a special invite link.

3. Collaboration Tools

The AnomicForum has many formatting tools available in the text editor which your organization can take advantage of. Create events, insert tables, install policies, build polls, and more.

4. AnomicForum Support

As an organization, you are eligible for full support from AnomicForum staff. We cover assistance in setting up your organization on our forum and we’ll provide documentation if required.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to get started? Send a message to the AnomicForum for Business mailbox and our staff team will promptly respond to help you in setting up your organization. Make sure to read our requirements before starting.

:mailbox_with_mail: Message @LinuxCE to get started. (Click the mention to open the user card, then click on “Message”)


To create an organization on the forum, you will have to meet these requirements.

  1. Employees must register on the forum.
    This is required so your employees can access your organization’s group. Your employees can have existing accounts or can create new ones with an invite link you make.

  2. Agree to our Terms of Service
    You must agree to the AnomicForum terms of service. You can read the terms and conditions at Terms of Service - Anomic Community Forum. This is legally required.


Pricing is currently free for all companies.