Basic Combat for New Players

Basic Combat for New Players

This topic is a general summary of the basic maneuvers and tactics used for self-defense.

Combat is an essential part of the game in ensuring that you, as a player, know how to successfully defend yourself against threats of all kinds.

Surrounding Awareness

Be aware when someone…

  • has a firearm by setting off gun detectors (this method is not always reliable)
  • is wanted or reloading a firearm whilst trying to hide it.
  • is following you around for no apparent reason.
  • is trying to lure you into a secluded area.

If it happens when your opponent shoots first, the first thing you should do is not to run whilst jumping - this will quickly deplete all of your stamina that you may need for one-on-one combat. If you are not immediately armed, do not call the police or other emergency services until you have ensured you are in a safe space where the oncoming threat(s) are stopped or otherwise slowed down by other security measures.

If you are immediately armed and your opponent shoots first, do not run and/or jump unless you are aware that a safe space is immediately near you. If there are no observable safe spaces near you or your opponent is too close, pull out a firearm (any applicable) and turn to face your opponent. Hold the gun out and go into first person so as to directly confront your enemy while jumping away from them. Do not attempt to aim just for the head - make a line with your gunfire either horizontally or vertically across their body, whichever way they are moving.

If you die, do not attempt to retrieve your firearm before them. This will only make it easier for your opponent to grab another firearm from you.

If they die, do not antagonize them by crouching on their dead body or asserting more feelings of dominance - they may attempt to kill you again and start a fight that is not necessary.

Cost-effective Firearms

The most cost-effective firearms in the game are:

  1. Service Rifle for $3,300
  2. Micro SMG for $1,200
  3. Autorevolver for $2,150
  4. Skorpion for $1,700
  5. .45 PDW for $2,400
  6. Sawn-Off for $2,050*
    (consider 9mm weapons as the cost of ammo is significantly cheaper.)
    *uses expensive ammo, 12 gauge for $100/24.

If you believe a player is exploiting, using a killbase or killfarm, or otherwise inappropriate methods to harm you, do not hesitate to report them using either the in-game plot reporting system or through the Anomic community Discord server.

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