Benz Dealership™ of Nevada

Benz Dealership™ of Nevada

Trucks, Buses, & Cars since 1970
A Benz Enterprises™ LLC. Company


Welcome to Benz Dealership. Since 1970, we have been one of the top service providers and authorized dealers in Nevada for trucks, buses, and cars. We cover a wide range of vehicles at reasonable prices and provide maintenance and repair at our auto center.

At Benz Dealership, we are known for our outstanding customer service team and efficient staff members. We make purchasing your cars an experience, not an ordinary transaction.

Ready to get your next car? Come on down to Benz Dealership, located in Arway, NV and speak to our sales representatives so we can put a deal together for you.

Established in the winter of 2022, iTheNoobThatCould envisioned a new dealership where purchasing a car is an experience. Benz™ has now grown to a leading dealership where customers are satisfied and each sale is unique.

“You planted a seed, look how much we’ve grown.”

Benz Insurance

When purchasing a vehicle from Benz, you have the option to add Benz Insurance under your coverage plan for an additional $650. With Benz Insurance, your vehicle is covered for mechanic repairs at Benz Auto Centers for the lifetime of your vehicle. The insurance plan will be linked to the vehicle owner’s username and the vehicle’s license plate. The insurance cannot be transferred.

If you are the owner of the vehicle and need to transfer the vehicle ownership, please contact Benz Enterprises LLC. You may also disconnect Benz Insurance from your vehicle upon request after verifying vehicle ownership.

Benz Insurance is only applicable to vehicles purchased from Benz Dealership or another affiliated service provider. Benz Insurance cannot be purchased for existing vehicles and may only be installed on vehicles during purchase from Benz. Benz Insurance does not cover job vehicles. Benz Insurance will only cover maintenance and repair at Benz Auto Centers.

File a claim with Benz Insurance

To file an insurance claim, you must be the owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have your name on file and was previously owned by another individual, you must reach out the the previous owner to transfer vehicle ownership.

:arrow_down: Scroll down to file an online claim. :arrow_down:

In the field Add users or groups, type in @z.BenzEnterprises.

Vehicle Owner → Owner RBLX Username Here
Vehicle License Plate → Your Vehicle License Plate Here

What happened to your vehicle? → Description of why you are filing a claim. Please be specific and descriptive. (e.g. My vehicle was damaged as someone vandalized it with a rifle and requires an immediate repair.)

Please attach proof of your claim by attaching photos or videos of the vehicle.

I agree that my claim contains factual information and proof, the claim information was not falsified and I hereby agree that all my information is accurate.

When done filling out your claim, press message.

Benz Auto Center

Does your vehicle require servicing? Benz Auto Center has you covered. Our professional mechanics will service your vehicle to get it working like new again, we handle standard vehicle maintenance and repair.

Benz Insurance will cover maintenance and repair for Benz Auto Centers. For more information regarding Benz Insurance, please contact a service representative or file an online claim.

Auto Center Self-Service
Want to service your vehicle yourself? Visit the Auto Center and purchase a repair kit from one of our service representatives or mechanics.

Customer Reviews

Want to read our customer reviews? You can view all of them here.
If you’d like to leave a review, please let one of our service representatives know.

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Benz Dealership™ of Nevada
Trucks, Buses, and Cars since 1970
A Benz Enterprises™ LLC. Company


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