Bryan's Quest Gets Found

Good morning, today is May 26th, 2024, happy Sunday everybody. We’ve got some more community news to share with you all today, so stick around for today’s news article.

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Published: 5/26/24
Written By: @LinuxCE
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Bryan’s Quest Gets Found

Well, after four months of being released, the quest has been found. At the time of this newsletter being written, four people have completed it entirely.

BonfireDeveloper announcing that the quest had been completed

If you have been keeping up with Bryan’s Quest, it is a challenge for players that requires thinking outside of the box, finding clues not only in the game but on the community Discord server as well, and spending countless hours or even days looking for it.

What makes Bryan’s Quest so exclusive? Anomic Studios developer @Bonfire, also known as BonfireDeveloper created the quest with a series of sectors or stages that the community finds difficult. The three stages of Bryan’s Quest include Invitation, Entry, and… sewers?

Players are tasked with finding ways to grab the attention of a group of individuals named PES, although the ways of showing their dedication to this group have been quite unknown for some time.

Soon, however, as more people begin to figure out the quest we may begin to get more hints and clues to completing the quest. Remember, it’s not about the ball but the friends you make along the quest. :wink:

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The Anomic Roleplay Community Surpasses 2,000 Members

Anomic Roleplay Logo

One of the only official sub-communities of Anomic would be the Anomic Roleplay Community, also known as ARP is a community dedicated to hosting private sessions centered around RP in Anomic.

Recently, the community has broken it’s second major milestone of 2,000+ Members in the community. With a long-standing history of staff, members, and incidents, it has come a long way since its beginnings in 2022.

Server Crashes… BE GONE!

Recently, if you’ve been playing Anomic you may have noticed servers are now crashing less often and are lasting longer than ever, some lasting up to sixty hours!

@Bonfire recently addressed an issue with in-game memory leaks. These are issues where scripts consume up excess amounts of memory as the server uptime progresses and a service called the “garbage collector” does not release the script when it’s no longer in use. This causes valuable free memory to be lost, making the server laggier and in the end bringing the entire server down.

Luckily, now that the issues have been addressed the servers are now pushing more uptime and not crashing often, so the days of servers crashing every so often is now a time of the past. Hooray! :tada:

That about wraps up this newsletter for today. We hope you enjoyed your weekend and we’ll see you next time. Take care for now.

The Anomic Newsletter Team

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