Building Plots in Anomic

Building Plots in Anomic

When building plots in Anomic, colors, quality, alignment, and more play a role in the appearance of your plot in Anomic. Before we get onto the Tips & Tricks of building a plot, lets go through the basics of building a plot in Anomic.

Getting Started with a Plot

Below are short and concise instructions on claiming and editing a plot.

  1. Go over to an unclaimed plot that you want to build your shop/home/project in.
  2. Hover your mouse over the mailbox of the plot, you should see the plot controls listed.
  3. If hovering your mouse over the mailbox makes it say “unclaimed”, press the corresponding key that claims the plot while keeping your mouse hovering over the mailbox.
  4. Once you press the corresponding key, a new window should appear.
  5. If you have a previously saved plot before, press “used saved plot”, if you don’t have a saved plot, press “load empty” to claim the plot.
  6. Your plot has been loaded/claimed!

Building Basics

Once you have claimed your plot, you can begin building!
In order to begin building, press the “B” key, a separate window should appear with a list of items that you can use to put inside your plot.

To place down an item/prop, select an item from the list, then click the place you want to put it.

To delete an item, press X then select on the item you want to delete.

To rotate an item one way, press R while selecting an item, press Shift + R to rotate it the other way.

To paint the walls/floor, press M then click on the color you want in the list. Then click the wall/floor to paint it.

Building Tips & Tricks

We recommend you equally space out lights, making the plot not excessively bright or dark. We also recommend you use a variety of colors, and not just one color, which can lower the visibility of the plot and may cause strain to the eye. Excessively bright plots can also strain the eye too.

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