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How to Operate the Cellphone

The cellphone in Anomic is very useful, from messaging friends, calling for help, or even tracking down your car, we will show you how to operate it.

To open your cellphone, press C or the cellphone icon.


The messages tab is your inbox. Think of it like your email. On the inbox, you can view all messages that are inbound to you. You can also send messages. You do have a 100 character limit.


You can select the advertisement tab to send a message to all users in the server. There is a 10 minute cool down and a 100 character limit.

Service Call

The service call function is useful when you need a ride, when you are hurt, or when you need help from law enforcement. Below is a list of teams you can call.

You will have to pay an amount of money if you made a call.

  • Government Officials (Sheriff, SWAT, etc.)
  • Paramedics
  • Cab Drivers (Taxi Service)

Report Stolen Car

The report stolen car tab allows you to report your car stolen. By doing this, government officials can track your car down then get it towed.

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