"Criminal Lord" suggestion by Super_GamerONE#3046

A user by the Discord tag of Super_GamerONE#3046 has submitted a suggestion that caught my eye. What are your thoughts on it?

“Criminal Lord”
The Criminal Lord will be a sort of mayor but criminals vote for him.

He will be able start the assassination of the mayor for $10000 and people in the Criminal team will get a service call saying “Kill Mayor”.
If you accept a countdown of 10 minutes and the location of the Mayor will appear, if you manage to kill him before the countdown ends you get $5000 and the Criminal Lord gets $20000.
If the timer ends people who accepted will lose $1000.
Secret Service, SWAT and Military will be notified of the assassination and get $3000 if it fails.

Criminals will have a new item, to avoid steel-caging mayors blocking their way, it will be called “C4 Bomb” and cost $1600.
If you place it on a door of a plot which has the mayor as a resident and activate it will destroy every Door/Prop in a 70 stud (3.5 Meters) radius after a 5 seconds countdown.
It will disable building on the plot for the following 5 minutes.

The Lord will be able call a Raid for $3000, he will choose a city and Criminals will be called.
Criminals will get $500 for each kill, if they die the killer gets $2000. There will be a kill target and for each criminal reaching it without dying the lord gets $2000.

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Here’s something I made from free models in 20 minutes that goes with this:

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I do think that having a criminal teams leader is a great idea

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That looks like a pretty cool concept right now. :+1:

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Good idea but way too op, mayor would be in constant trouble and won’t be able to actually RP a little bit, the money you get from killing is way too op (20k for Crim lord), maybe nerfed a lot (ofc if it’s too bad ppl won’t use this feature) it wouldn’t shock me to see this in anomic.

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agreed mostly, though I’ve never seen a mayor use their team to rp. maybe a nerfed version is better. having a criminal leader sounds cool though

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