Deliverant Job Guide

Deliverant Job Guide

As a deliverance employee, you are responsible for delivering crates to people who have ordered them. You will have to pick up orders at the airfield and deliver it to plot mailbox. For each delivery, you’ll earn an extra delivery payout in addition to your base payment.

For paychecks, you will earn $300/5 minutes w/ Delivery Payout.


Job Items & Team Shop Information

Deliverants will have access to the following items below. You can purchase these items by striking the [T] key on your keyboard and clicking on the “Gun/Team Shop” icon to bring up the team shop.

Deliverants will also have access to job items. These job items will be available to you by using the “Equip Items” tool in your inventory. There is no uniform applied when you equip your items.

Job Items

These items are available for you to use for free while on the job. These items cannot be traded or sold.

  1. Van
    The van is a cargo vehicle that allows the storage of three crates. Do note that the crate storage on this vehicle will not interfere with your deliveries, more on that later.
    Deliverant Van

Team Shop Items

These items are available for purchase in the team shop.

  1. Commercial Truck
    Cost: $3,700
    (This item is not team-specific, it can be traded and used on any team/job.)
    The commercial truck is a cargo vehicle that has a capacity of six crates. Popular among deliverants for crate transportation.

Delivering Parcels

When a user has placed a crate order, deliverants will get a notification in the bottom left-hand corner of their screen. To accept this delivery, you will need to head on over to the Airfield and enter the Pickups building. You can accept the delivery at the Deliveries counter by striking [E] as seen in the image below.

Upon striking [E], you’ll get a notification stating that the delivery has been accepted. If you look around the map, you should now see a new marker with an icon of a box and an arrow. This marks the delivery location, you’ll need to drive to this location. You will not need to transport a physical crate, all you need to do is to head to the drop-off location and complete the delivery at the mailbox.

Once you’ve arrived at the drop-off location, the correct mailbox will be highlighted. Hover your mouse over the mailbox and strike [U], the delivery will be completed and you will be paid a commission of the delivery. Do note that if the user placed multiple orders, you may need to strike [U] multiple times for the delivery to complete.


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