eL Car Wash Lox. Groves in Anomic

Recently, I’ve built a new car wash in Anomic 1 which is a recreation of the eL Car Wash of Loxahatchee Groves in South Florida. The automated car wash facility only supports Caddies and Micro Cars at the moment as the plot sizes in Anomic cannot fit a full size car wash, however, there are vacuums and free cleaning areas located next to the building.

Please tell me your thoughts below on what I can improve and what you like about the build.

Not affiliated with eL Car Wash in any way. This is simple a fan-based recreation.

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This is my local car wash and I decided to make a replica in Anomic for fun, it turned out pretty well for me. There were a bunch of people who went through the car wash so it’s a sweet success.

eL Car Wash of Loxahatchee Groves, real location images:

After exploring the build in person can confirm easy to use, well built car wash

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