Happy 80.0M+ Visits to Anomic!


:tada: Happy 80.0M+ Visits to Anomic!

The Anomic Community Forum celebrates Anomic’s latest milestone, achieving over 80+ Million Visits in March 2024! The game has certainly come a long way, and is now currently four years old with its next birthday coming up on 2025-01-07T05:00:00Z!

To the developer team at Anomic Studios, the entire community here on this forum would like to say: :partying_face: Congratulations on reaching 80+ Million Visits. Thank you for creating a game for the community to engage in.

For over four years, Anomic has been able to create a captivating DarkRP Desert Game, from being through rise and falls, it has managed to hang on and has reached 80 million visits. Congratulations. Now the 100 Million Visits celebration is just around the corner!

Reply with your own Anomic experience and congratulate Anomic’s latest achievement below! :confetti_ball:

  • :tada: Congratulations Anomic Studios!
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After almost 4 years it finally happened :tada:

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