I Got Sued Over Not Selling a Plot!

I got sued for not selling a plot to someone called “dontcallmenoob”
He attempted to make false allegations against me with no proof whatsoever. I would like to share the court footage & the incident footage with yall and discuss who is in the right and who is in the wrong!

Incident Footage:

Court Footage:
(This footage is 30+ minutes long)

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The audacity he has to try and kill you after not selling a plot and then proceed to file a lawsuit against you is crazy :exploding_head:. He even killed you in the courtroom. Plus, the people who were in and running the court seemed incompetent as well.

They made my lawyer switch sides :sob:

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How the hell does that even happen in court? I guess the lawyer was too good. :rofl:
If I was available I would’ve jumped right in to help you.

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