Let's Get The Conversations Rolling

Let’s Get The Conversations Rolling

Before you scroll away, please read this message.

Hello there everybody! As to promote more activity on our site, I’d like to ask everybody to participate in discussion. Discussion is what brings our site together, if we sit around waiting for another post to arise we will all crash. However, if we go out and share something we encountered or share our thoughts, we will get the train of discussion moving.

What I mean is that if you want to share your thoughts on something such as an Anomic update, share them! Do you have a question about the game? Share them! Saw something crazy in the game? Share your encounter! Even the smallest things such as placing a like or reaction to a post will help contribute to our forum. A forum’s purpose revolves all around community discussion, so let’s get that rolling.

Not sure what to create a new topic about? Look through the forum (Latest Topics or Top Topics) and write some replies to the existing topics!

Together, we can get the conversations rolling on this forum to promote activity. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to let our staff team know.

Every interaction you make on the forum will gain you Gamification Points. In doing so, you can also gain trust levels and gain more access to the forums’ features. You can look at the leaderboard here: https://anomicforum.xyz/leaderboard.

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