Mass vehicle explosions are borderline duping

I stumbled across a method people have been using to rake in lots of profits by exploding vehicles in masses that seems like borderline duping, let me explain.

Basically, a person uses their main account to purchase vehicles in bulk as crates, such as hyper cars as they have a higher price.

The person then uses an alternative account to explode the vehicles, this account will enter debt at some point, however, the other account will profit.

When a vehicle is destroyed, the owner will only get partial compensation, however, since the owner purchased these vehicles in bulk the compensation will exceed the price per each bulk vehicle.

People have been able to use this method to rake in thousands of dollars without loss, and this seems like borderline duping in my opinion. It’s pretty much an unethical method to make money in game.

Perhaps the vehicle compensation percentage can be lowered to match the crate price instead, however, this would come with a side effect of lower compensation for vehicles purchased as one, not in bulk.

the troublemaker situation is gonna destroy the whole vehicular destruction business…

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I was not aware this business even existed.