New "The Troublemaker" Sedan

This is uh quite an interesting vehicle, but it seems like it has one purpose and one purpose only. Once this thing becomes an event vehicle and multiple people are armed with it, the whole server is at their mercy.

there’s no way this was an accidental event car - on the bright side,it makes building and detonating nuclear weapons a lot easier for the commission

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Yup, @Jettadonly also said that the patched the issue where if you blew up a bunch of cars, you wouldn’t need to pay. That was a disaster.

oh, that was a thing? oh lord, that must have been horrible, i never tested it on player’s cars myself.

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Yup, glad it is fixed now though.

Do you think the car will be infinite once its an actually event vehicle?

Definitely. I am hoping that this vehicle won’t actually become an event vehicle and will be permanently removed, why you might ask? That’s because it’s going to wreak havoc on this game, people are gonna go crazy with it without needing to pay for the car again after blowing it up.

I do agree with you, but it’s going to stay as an event vehicle sadly, unless if the developers say otherwise. The good side of the Troublemaker is you can stop raiders with it, and once it becomes an event vehicle, it’d be great to trade for high prices!

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the update is coming soon. it might become an event vehicle now… god help us all

It’s not if it becomes an event vehicle anymore, it’s when unfortunately. Let’s just say some things are going to go down. :wink:

It seems like this second part of the St. Patrick’s update is slowing down the event process significantly enough to keep the Troublemaker and Lucky Tophat still obtainable, but less popular for sales since it isn’t limited quite yet.

What interests me even more is the sheer capability of the troublemaker as an event vehicle, and with unlimited uses, efficient bombing, I speculate the event price, especially in the later future, will be upwards of 200,000 dollars. Compared to it’s 4,000 dollar sale price, that’s a 5000% markup, more than any other event vehicle or item thus far. It will definitely become far more than legendary once it is in event stock.

This vehicle will certainly be very expensive. Speaking of which, I should probably purchase one or two of these things. Anomic will definitely become extremely chaotic very soon.

Speaking of which, is there even any new content in this portion of the update?

Nope, it was just reverted so you have some time to get those event items. Just some minor bug fixes I believe.