Nintieth Agent - the RTA and the IRA

Apparently the cringey anomic screen capture I made won’t be compatible with this format thing. Thats probably for the best XD

Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I would like to kindly point out to everyone that not only have I blown the IRA’s heads off, but also took them down and prevented previous bombs in different servers. You could say that I was trying to take them down from the inside, however this is not true and as a result would hurt my credibility more than it already is. After hearing about suspended operations from RTA, I chose to find a new job. I, in all honesty, had no idea that the IRA specifically was the crew behind the bombings and realize that my subsequent mistake of joining them hurt everyone in the crew.

Thank you everyone for putting up with me as I attempt to balance my own crew leadership and my status as an employee in many public roleplays.

At RTA, joining criminal organizations are strictly prohibited and result in an immediate termination of employment from our company for the safety of our riders and transit employees, even for cases like this.

Such action like this must have been disclosed to an employer or administrator first. At the time you conducted this action, tensions between RTA and IRA were extremely high.

Thanks for your work with RTA and we wish you the best in your career with law enforcement.

The Rapid Transit Authority

Due to the recent RTA situation and the Phesther car hijacking incident, I have considered a rather forceful (but friendly and fair) solution to opposition between my role as essentially the commander of a 40-men army, and problems relating to the attempted civilian path I have tried to take at @LinuxCE’s discretion. Of course, I would rather get this conflict over with as soon as possible, but if you have any other ideas, suggestions or criticism I’d be happy to adapt these plans to it. Let it be known I’m not entirely willing to scrap this idea unless it is absolutely necessary (which I do not deem it).

The Rapid Transit Authority denies all claims regarding some kind of “carjacking” incident and is not involved with that. Also, disrupting RTA services with a gang sounds illicit.

You may deny these claims, however what you cannot deny is that not only were you also the administrator of RTA and a participant in the Phesther incident on their respective dates. You are also confirmed responsible for the baiting of the car hijacking using Anomic Real Estate. As for your second claim, I do not see how you did not expect this to happen when your responsibility as the leader of RTA and your involvement in the car hijacking results your deposition from public service is now at my discretion.

Although I am an administrator for the Rapid Transit Authority, my job is not related to this alleged incident at Phester Dam.

The “incident” you are claiming is a carjacking, I have zero recollection of this and I believe you have me confused for someone else. Furthermore, you have no right of authority over me, especially on a company (RTA) that has no involvement in this.

Right you are, I don’t think I have any footage/screenshots for proof. Indeed, I’ve checked my hilariously unorganized file database for anything related to the incident. As much as I wish to drop this case - and as much as I know you would like to too - it’s too late for demobilization. I suppose we will reach a consensus once the war has finished.

I believe this discussion is over. I’m not aware of any “war” that will be taking place. I think this topic has run its course now.

So you’re just going to leave me banned from the biggest Transit Union in Anomic?
If you wish to discontinue this discussion without full knowledge of WHY I’m even doing this, it will be at your expense.

I will discontinue this. Do not contact me about this matter again, do what you do, I won’t budge.

By the time my civilian career is over, which it already is, I’ve made only more enemies because of @LinuxCE making problems for all of us. It’s over my dude. Five seconds worth of not being in your crew wasn’t enough for you. Hijacking my car, killing me, and subsequently denying it once I had brought it up wasn’t enough for you. Nothing is enough for you. You wouldn’t accept a resolve. So I had to put the option in your hands for you. Good luck with RTA functioning on my watch.

Are you threatening me right now?

Have you ever NOT threatened to end my career?

Yeah, I’ll take that as a no.

I have threatened to end your career at RTA, that’s because you were a threat to riders and coworkers by joining the RTA. You’re threatening RTA now, in fact you murdered our bus driver and myself when I was commuting.

Right you are, smart guy. However, I don’t think you want to hear my actually valid reasons for doing these things. You are the sole reason for both my firing from RTA in the first place, and the carjacking incident AND telling to to get off a bus just because you knew it was the end for you. Well guess what, It’s the end of everything now.

It is not the end for RTA. The Rapid Transit Authority plans on continuing operations. You seem to be waiting to join me every single time when I play Anomic as well, don’t think I wouldn’t notice. After all, Agent-90 is the first name on the leaderboard.

It doesn’t matter, you joined the IRA, we have strict protocols, and it was a time when tensions were extremely high. You have been fired from the company, that’s it. Go join another company if you really want to drive a bus.

I suppose you finally have a valid reason for something.

In fact, here is a referral link for Mowgli’s Bus Transport Company. Great owner.