Nintieth Agent - the RTA and the IRA

I never said I wanted to drive a bus - I simply said I wanted to participate in these new roleplays you offered. If that’s the way you want to take it, then take it that way. I was willing to step down from my own position of power to participate. You have done neither, if not worse deeds than I have before this incident. And you’re telling me that tensions were EXTREMELY high?

Wow thanks. How generous of you.

You were there when the IRA bombed the Eastdike-Forestry Bus Yard multiple times, plus many of the RTA staff including transit drivers and transit yard technicians were on alert and wary of these IRA individuals. This should’ve been enough to signal that there were extremely high tensions.

Do not blame me that you never knew tensions were extremely high, you witnessed the incidents with your own eyes. You then proceeded to join the IRA group in an IRA uniform, what do you think the reactions would be from the RTA staff?

Your firing was justified, and the administrators are not having it. End of discussion.

How many times do I have to tell you - I didn’t get to see the IRA tags on the bombers identifying them. Yet you still blame me, for trying to find a new civilian career after RTA suspended operations.

Oh, look at this! No wonder!

The IRA is a terrorist organization, the IRA tag is even on the “Trouble Maker” vehicle. I believe you already know what the IRA is and you’re finding excuses. Furthermore, you have already been fired. No matter how much you argue, the administration is not changing their mind and you will remain blacklisted from re-applying for RTA, including riding our transportation services as well.

You have threatened the Rapid Transit Authority and murdered our drivers, and we will not take that lightly. You are no longer permitted to ride our transportation services. Now, do I need to re-explain everything or are you done and you understand your consequences.

Fine then, I’m done. But don’t think this won’t affect your, RTA, and your “coworkers” future.

Good, this discussion thread has run its course now. Do not create more topics on this, if you want to do a follow up send it privately to me instead as this thread does not have any construction to the forum itself but I am leaving it up here to be fair with you and your point of views at RTA.