Poll: Anomic Monthly Scavenger Hunt & More

Anomic Monthly Events

In this topic, we will go over a prototype event that the staff team has been working on. Follow along with this topic then vote your thoughts below!

What is the AME (Anomic Monthly Events)?

These monthly events (we are choosing a date) will be scheduled throughout the year. Within these events can be mini-games like hide-and-seek, last one standing, scavenger hunt, and more. Below is a list of the mini-games that can be played and their purposes.

Available Mini-Games

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is simple, there will be a dynamic number of seekers. Once a seeker has found a hider, that hider will become a seeker and help look for the last person. The last person who wins can get prizes such as 50K Anomic Cash or in-game items.

Last One Standing

Last One Standing is a straightforward game. There will be a chosen fixed amount of players who will have to eliminate another group of players. ACF Administrators will monitor closely on the eliminations to cut down on confusion and cheating.

Scavenger Hunt (the most probable one)

The scavenger hunt is a game where admins will plant items and cash tokens throughout the map. Players will have around 10 minutes to go around the map and search for items before the server gets shut down. If a player finds a cash token, they must report it to an admin or management team so they can redeem their cash prize.

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This sounds great, we must play the hunger games in anomic someday ngl. I could help get some prizes if you want

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We can finally do scavenger hunts. I think this might help grow ACF too. Hopefully it is in a private server.