Price Chart for Event and Discontinued Items

Price Chart Information

This chart lists the current market value of event/discontinued items and vehicles in Anomic. Seller prices may differ and fluctuate from this chart. As the economy changes, this chart will be changed to reflect the market.

It is important to not rely on this chart for purchasing or selling events and discontinued items. You are recommended to compare prices between each seller and make your own decisions with only partial assistance from this chart to find the best deals.


The Anomic Trading System only allows the sale of the item’s price to reach a maximum of $250,000. Items and vehicles being sold over this maximum limit are at a higher risk of fraudulent transactions. Verify that the seller conducting the transaction is reputable before proceeding with the sale.

  • Demand
    Low - There is not much demand for this item.
    Medium - There is an average amount of demand for this item.
    High - There is a high amount of demand for this item.

  • Other Symbols
    :warning: - Fraud Warning, see the message above.

1 Discontinued Items Market Price Demand
1.1 Machine Pistol $70,000 Medium
1.2 Legacy Medikit (Green) $80,000 High
2 Event Vehicles Market Price Demand
2.1 AL-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating Van $50,000 Medium
2.2 Blood Moon Roadster $65,000 Medium
2.3 Bunny Bus $135,000 Medium
2.4 Cute Coupe :warning: $350,000 High
2.5 Grand Plan Sedan $75,000 Medium
2.6 Hearse $55,000 Medium
2.7 Hippie Van :warning: $290,000 High
2.8 Patriotic Pickup $75,000 Medium
2.9 Reindeer Van :warning: $290,000 Medium
2.10 Ski Van :warning: $350,000 High
2.11 Snowplow Truck $55,000 Low
2.12 Winter Wagon :warning: $350,000 High
2.13 Christmas Hatch :warning: $330,000 High
2.14 Micro Car $25,000 Low
2.15 Double-Decker Bus $50,000 Medium
2.16 The Troublemaker $40,000 Low
2.17 The General $15,000 Low
3 Event Items Market Price Demand
3.1 New Beginnings Firework Kit $40,000 Medium
3.2 Patriotic Firework Kit $70,000 Low
3.3 Blood Moon VHS Tape $60,000 Low
3.4 Christmas Hat $25,000 Low
3.5 PWFC/Christmas VHS Tape $80,000 High
3.6 Lucky Tophat $30,000 Low
3.7 Freedom Firework Kit $15,000 Low

Data Sources
Data pulled from price guides, in-game event stores, individual users, and other market information sources.

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Price chart has now been updated to reflect the latest changes in the economy.


minor fixes by yours truly


Thanks for the minor edits!


yes this helps alot thank you


The General and Freedom Firework Kit is currently not available on the list since we can’t really determine a market price for it just because it’s so new, expect a price later this week though. If anyone knows it, feel free to add it yourself.


The general I get to sell for about $70.000.
Someone who’s able to modify the chart, can you do that? For some reason I can’t.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ll update the table. $70,000 seems like a high price for such a new vehicle so that may be lowered later on the chart.

The reason why you can’t edit the wiki post is because you are on trust level zero, aka new user. To get to TL1, aka basic user, you’ll need to browse the forum for around 10 minutes and read at least 30 posts.

You can read more here: Trust Level Information


Alright, thanks! For telling me that!


No problem, and by the way, welcome to AnomicForum! :wave:


I found someone selling the freedom fw kit for 15k, maybe thats a great baseline for its price in this chart?


And also, many people sell/buy the general at 20k or 50k so maybe lower its price?


Table updated with the Freedom Firework Kit :white_check_mark:

Lowered the price to $15,000 to match the Freedom FW. Also, both items now have low set as the demand. :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright! thanks for the help!