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To help promote our forum, advertising and referring people to our forum are encouraged. You may advertise in the Anomic Community Discord server and other Anomic-related Discord servers if permitted.

By promoting our website, you’re helping us gain awareness about our community forum and it will promote a larger user base on our site.

You can invite/refer individual people (e.g. your friends) to the forum by creating a referral link, you can do this by going to your user profile and clicking on the invites tab.

Advertising Instructions

Follow the two simple steps below to advertise our forum in the Anomic Community Discord server.

  1. Copy the text below and paste it into the #anomic-server-advertisement channel.
  2. Send your message. Congratulations, you helped promote our forum to more people! :tada:

**The Anomic Community Forum**
Civil Discussion & Knowledgebase

We're an **internet discussion board** and knowledge base centered around the game **Anomic**. Dive into the ongoing discussion and share your thoughts with others. Operational since July of 2022, this is your place for all things Anomic.

**Currently ranked #2 in "Anomic Community" search results on Google-US and Over 1,000+ Consolidated Pageviews from Logged On & Anonymous Users.** :chart_with_upwards_trend:

**Visit our Discord guild below.**

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