Rapid Transit Authority of Anomic

Rapid Transit Authority

The Rapid Transit Authority of Anomic is a transportation company dedicated to connecting the civilians of Anomie and Okby County. We operate multiple lines between towns and villages allowing for reliable transportation for daily commuters who rely on us to get them to their destination safely.

Ready to ride RTA? Head on down to the closest bus station near you and ride on our robust transportation network today!


Routes/Lines Status

Red Line [Local] Available :white_check_mark:
Red Line [Express] Available :white_check_mark:
Orange Line [Pahrump Bound] Available :white_check_mark:
Orange Line [Arway Bound] Available :white_check_mark:
Regional Line Available :white_check_mark:

When dealing with service disruption(s), we may merge select parts of transit lines with the other lines. We will display the service disruptions on the RTA page.

EXAMPLE OF MERGING: Orange Line Airfield Junction is closed off, all Orange Line Vehicles will be redirected to Eaphis Plateau before entering Arway.

Routes/Lines Information

:red_square: Red Line [Local]
Arway β†’ Outlook β†’ Las Hogueras β†’ Eastdike β†’ Towing Impound β†’ Pahrump β†’ Ulmouth Park β†’ Airfield Junction β†’ Arway [Loop]

:red_square: Red Line [Express]
Arway β†’ Eastdike β†’ Towing Impound β†’ Pahrump β†’ Airfield β†’ Arway [Loop]

:orange_square: Orange Line [Pahrump Bound]
Arway β†’ Airfield Junction β†’ Ulmouth Park β†’ Pahrump

:orange_square: Orange Line [Arway Bound]
Pahrump β†’ Ulmouth Park β†’ Airfield Junction β†’ Arway

:green_square: Regional Line
Arway β†’ Pahrump β†’ Eaphis Plateau β†’ Phester Dam β†’ Arway [Loop]

Line Transfer Information
If you need to transfer RTA lines, we recommend Arway and Pahrump for transfers. Line transfers can be done at other stations but may be limited.

Transit Yards

For RTA transit vehicle storage, the following yard locations are available for usage by RTA transportation drivers.

Outlook Yard


Located at Outlook (Obviously) where those two garages are, used to store smaller vehicles like Minivans.


  • Minivans
  • RVs
Eastdike-Forestry Yard


Located in front of the large factory-like buildings in Eastdike, this yard contains all three vehicle types RTA uses.


  • Minivans
  • RVs
  • Buses
  • School Buses

Transit News

Train Collision at Arway Subway Station
A freight train collided with a red-line train service to Phester Dam. Investigators are still determining the cause of the incident.

Revitalization Project
We’re bringing back the Anomic Transit Activity! After a few months of hiatus, @Jettadonly has decided to restart Anomic Subway Transit! (Originally known as: β€œAnomic Subway Station”)

Revitalization Project Complete
After several long weeks of getting the transit agency back up, I am safe to say we have done it. We also have added a new transit vehicle to our fleet at Eastdike-Forestry Yard: The School Bus (SB-01) - It will run on the Regional Line only for now. Expect it to run on all lines in the future.

Transit Line Rebranding
With the addition of the SB-10 (School Bus) to our fleet, We will need to make some slight changes to how all transit lines will operate.
This is temporary as changes to this will be made in the future.
Changes Made for Arway Bus Station: SECONDARY ENTRANCE
One of the warehouses will be used to serve the Red and Orange line. A track switch will be placed between the Regional Line & Orange, and Red Lines to avoid any accidents. Some Regional Line Stations will be closed temporarily due to this change. Stations that will be open: Arway β†’ Phester Dam β†’ Forestry (Temporary Stop)
Permanent Changes:
One of the storefronts will be proposed as a new bus terminal with a narrow bus bay that will serve both the Red and Orange Line. The Regional Line will have all stations shifted by then.

Not affiliated with the Rapid Transit Authority of Cleveland, Ohio

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