Roblox is Down 5/18/24

Uh oh, seems like the Roblox site is now down. Who else is suffering from the same issue? :laughing:
This is happening on 2024-05-18T14:50:00Z


Also, Roblox is oblivious to this for some reason.

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Looks like the Roblox error page encountered an error.

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Is it just browser or the desktop version?

Browser version. This error page sometimes happens when you just put in the URL box, here is the URL: Roblox

Can we get some verification on the UWP app of Roblox?

Blocked by school firewall, I’ll find an emulator :upside_down_face:

Follow up on the UWP app, it also fails and closes on itself. Also, the desktop app does not work either.

Emulated version operational

Could that be cached? Can you try making an account as a test?


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Roblox is beginning to come back up.

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Try and join a game to see if that works. I am still unable to access the webpage.

Now investigating my PC

I’m in Anomic. Roblox website is being wonky tho, going back up and back down.

My PC’s wired internet itself is a bit strange behving, so I don’t think it’ll be any better on my end

Roblox is now back up. Hopefully…

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