SafeSeven Job Guide

SafeSeven Job Guide

As a SafeSeven employee, you are responsible for guarding the bank and doing ATM cash deliveries. You will be working alongside Government Roles in safeguarding and operating the bank. You’ll earn an additional ATM Delivery Payout if you finish an ATM Delivery. Do note, that when conducting an ATM Delivery you are at high risk of cash truck robberies.

For paychecks, you will earn $250/5 minutes w/ ATM Delivery Payout.

Job Items & Team Shop Information

SafeSeven employees will have access to the following items below. You can purchase these items by striking the [T] key on your keyboard and clicking on the “Gun/Team Shop” icon to bring up the team shop.

SafeSeven employees will also have access to job items. These job items will be available to you by using the “Equip Items” tool in your inventory. There is a uniform applied when you equip your items.


Job Items

These items are available for you to use for free while on the job. These items cannot be traded or sold.

  1. Baton
    The baton is a tool used for destroying printers.

  2. Light Vest
    The light vest is an armor piece used for mitigating damage against firearms.

  3. Handcuffs
    The handcuffs tool is used for arresting players with a wanted/outlaw status.

Team Shop Items

These items are available for purchase in the team shop.

  1. PDW .45
    Cost: $1,440
    (This item is team-specific, it cannot be traded and can only be used on the SafeSeven team.)
    This is a standard weapon.

  2. Bullpup Shotgun
    Cost: $1,650
    (This item is team-specific, it cannot be traded and can only be used on the SafeSeven team.)
    This is a standard weapon.

  3. Riot Helmet
    Cost: $390
    (This item is team-specific, it cannot be traded and can only be used on the SafeSeven team.)
    This is an armor piece.

Depository Robberies

In the event the depository/bank is robbed, a server-wide message will be pushed alerting every player about the robbery. As a SafeSeven employee, you and other Government Roles are responsible for stopping this robbery before cash is taken.

ATM Cash Deliveries

To start an ATM Cash Delivery, head on over to the SafeSeven bank/depository and go to the computer on top of the counter. This is located near the vault access door. Hover your mouse over the computer and strike [U] to initiate a delivery. You’ll be given a bank truck, spawn it and you will notice new markers being displayed with an ATM icon. This marks your delivery locations, reach them quickly to drop off cash. You have a limited timeframe of 12 minutes.

Once you arrive at a delivery location, park your truck within 15 feet and strike [E] while hovering over the ATM. Once you get a confirmation message saying the ATM has been delivered to, head to the next location. Once you finish up with all the delivery locations, you will be paid.

People will try to ambush your truck, it’s recommended to have another person help defend your truck from criminals. If you are captured, people can drill your bank truck and take the cash inside. If so, it’s recommended to utilize your cellphone to call for backup.

To prevent abuse of the system, the bank truck cannot be despawned.


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