Should we take on Gamification here?

Hello everybody, our team here is always looking for opportunities to grow our community on this forum, which is exactly why I’d like to gather some insight from you guys, forum users.

As most of you might know, we currently have a point system on this forum with a leaderboard that resets monthly. The purpose of this leaderboard is to show the top people who have contributed the most to the forum in terms of likes, replies, new topics, etc.

The more you contribute to the forum, you will earn points otherwise known as “cheers” which are visible on your profile page. The more cheers you have, the higher you will be on the leaderboard.

Our team would like to “gamify” this system. Every month as you know, the leaderboard will reset (although you can also view all-time users on it if you want). At the end of each leaderboard term, our staff will reward the top three (or five) people on the leaderboard for their contributions to the forum. These rewards can range from things such as in-game collector’s items, in-game cash, etc.

Now, before we start this gamification system, we’d like some insight from community members like you. How would you like a monthly competition on a forum like this? Vote below in the poll and feel free to let us know your thoughts by replying to this announcement.

The AnomicForum Team

Should we take on Gamification here?
  • Yes, implement this.
  • No, don’t implement this.
  • I’m not sure about this
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