Strange Encounters in Anomic

Damn, the explosion was so large the vehicle was obliterated into pieces!


Looks like an admin had a little fun.

Also, I got some new cargo!


I wonder what video they are making, a gameshow? :thinking:

What in the world is going on in Arway?


As if we are twins.


Public transportation gone wrong

Somebody decided to make a ripoff copy of Benz Dealership, down to it’s exact outline and even name. They renamed it from Benz to BennyZ, really? They later removed the plot after being confronted about it.

The REAL and ORIGINAL Benz Dealership is below.

Entitled @roybental4 gets pissed off as I don’t hand over my plot to him for free. He proceeds to get his police officer friend @NathanIsVeryAlive to ram the doors. How much of an idiot do you have to be? Silly goose.

The fact this is all over a singular plot is amusing. That’s just sad how some people have to act mentally ill.