Summer has Arrived

Good afternoon everybody, for some it is now :tada: :palm_tree: Summer. We’ll be increasing our frequency in newsletters so keep an eye out for our publications! Let’s cover this week’s Anomic news.

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Published: 6/5/24
Written By: @LinuxCE
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Bryan’s Quest in June

The method for completing Bryan’s Quest has been out for a while now, and another debate has also been starting. Should Bryan’s Quest Balls be nerfed?

The balls obtained from the quest are capable of moving parked cars, dealing a whopping 25 point damage, and if custom physics are tweaked properly the balls can fling players down a road by a decent distance. If you are a vehicle owner, tow truckers who have completed the quest can use the ball to move your car and then tow it away.

@BonfireDeveloper has mentioned nerfing these balls, however, it’s not confirmed if these balls will be updated. For now, players will have to deal with the occasional experience of flying down the road because a glowing sphere hit them.

If you’re still wondering how to complete the quest, you can read the post below.

AnomicForum Breaks 200 Members :tada:

Recently, the Anomic Community Forum has broken its latest milestone of 200 registered users on the site. This has been the successor to the previous milestone of 100 registered users when site registrations ramped up.

AnomicForum has also introduced their new “Onboarding” wizard where newly registered users are prompted to update their profile picture, write an autobiography for their profile, and customize their other profile information. Existing users can also try the onboarding process at

That about wraps up our newsletter for today. We hope to see you again soon. Apologies for the lack of new news, this is all we came up with. We’ll get more interesting stuff for the next publication.

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