The Fall of Anomic

There is a YouTube regarding how the reputation of Anomic is declining, please tell me your thoughts.

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wow, actual anomic youtube videos

oof, back in my early anomic days maybe 8 months ago, I had a good time and was actually exploring the map. once I got 100k I just stopped. They could probably turn it around but anomic 2 following the trend set by apocalypse rising 2 and armored patrol 2 just kinda ruined it.

(and also slightly tainted those good memories)

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Anomic needs to fix their community and Loumec or Mudslinger needs to pay for development if they want to be good again


I remember when anomic was a bit more fun like this spring when I started playing.

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Roblox Anomic has been raided with hackers that ruin the experience, idk why they cant add anti-exploit


I feel that, so. Mostly get active on updates.


In my personal experience, playing Anomic in 2020 was a golden time. Gameplay back then was not as toxic as now and I enjoyed most of my time there, a lot of other people had fun too. Unfortunately, it crashed in 2021-2022 as game exploitation was on the rise.

I think at the start, Anomic had over 1,000+ concurrent players and now it’s a measly 500 and under. Also, Anomic seemed to be extremely close to and based off of Electric State, but most are more familiar with Anomic.

This thread is quite old, dating back to July of 2022 when this forum was built so a lot of things have changed since then. There have definitely been more updates which is how the community was jump started again, but not to it’s original state.

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Now looking at this topic in April of 2024, Anomic has certainly risen up again, although it still hasn’t reached 1,000 concurrent players yet and is hanging around 300-500 players, the development for this game has restarted and it seems like it will gradually climb again.

Although, the same thing can’t be said for Anomic 2.