The Great Britian update (April Fools)

New great britian update is funny and is so fun


I agree, also do you fancy a cup o’ tea? :face_with_monocle:


The Great Britain update is pretty funny and silly, here is the latest video from the forum’s YouTube channel about the update!

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I reckon we start RTA again we these double decker buses

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the mutual sadness ensues


Alright, now that this update has existed for a few days now I’d like to share my thoughts again with these temporary changes. This April Fools event update is atrocious. Most vehicles have been remodeled or removed and all firearms have been removed except a musket.

People’s inflection have changed to represent England and they begin saying nonsense stereotypical things, people are going around stabbing each other with switchblades and machetes which is worse than someone running around with a rifle and doing an in-game mass shooting. What else is annoying is hearing the UK Anthem being blasted with boomboxes 24/7, now I’ve got to mute audio within the settings just to get rid of that.

The map changes have also been somewhat decent although they barely represent England, but to be fair the map was never meant for England, it was meant to represent the desert in Nevada and Arizona. Also, people switching over to right-hand drive has also been atrocious, people are still driving on the wrong side of the road and it seems like everyone is more confused about driving basics now.

I am glad that this update is getting reverted tomorrow, as the in-game experience has been atrocious and has driven me to just take a break from Anomic for a week during this event. Although if the melee system is being added, I am against it as I really don’t want to see people running around stabbing each other every single second of my waking life in the future.

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at least we’re guaranteed an opportunity for event vehicle sales after standard inventory is reverted back to event inventory.

i think it will be quite crazy to finally see the atrocious demand for the troublemaker (not to mention double-decker busses and micro car)