The Town of Arway

The Town of Arway

The town of Arway is the centerpiece of Anomic. Most players and activities will be located in this area. You will find many gunsmiths, car dealerships, crafting stores, and more. The reason why the majority of players within the game are located here is because Arway is set as the default spawn point for multiple teams.

Located in the center of the map, it has many plots for you to choose from and start your first business. If you are a new player who spawned in another area of the map such as Pahrump, you can take a five-minute walk to Arway or call a cab using your cellphone for a quick ride.

If you want to build a home here, there are multiple plots tucked away in the outskirts of the town area. However, homes are not recommended in this area due to the high crime rates and loud noises, opt for a quieter and more residential area on the map such as Okby Steppe which is located near Eastdike and Phester.

Public Services

Public services are buildings that are available for any player to visit for assistance or information. You can see the available ones that you can visit below. Depending on the size and population of the area, public services may be limited or not available.

Anomie County Sheriff’s Office
The ACSO building is where police officers (Sherrif and SWAT) are stationed and spawned. Stolen vehicles that were reported can be tracked from this building. To report crimes, use your cellphone and make a service call or meet with an officer in person here.

Arway Clinic

If you are hurt or injured, you can head on over to the Arway Clinic to get medical attention from clinic staff. You can also call for an ambulance by using your cellphone’s service call feature. This is where Paramedic’s spawn.

SafeSeven Depository

If you need to store additional items such as vehicles, firearms, and other tools, you can store them safely at the SafeSeven Depository. The depository can be robbed by players for cash, however, player items that are stored in the depository will not be affected. This is where SafeSeven Guards spawn and work.

Arway Gas Station

Need to fuel up your vehicle? The Arway Gas Station allows you to fuel up your vehicle fast and has a convenience store right next to it. Gas prices will fluctuate as more and more players fuel up their vehicles here, the gas prices can be lowered by truckers completing fuel delivery contracts.

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