Tow Trucking Job Guide

Tow Trucking Job Guide

As a tow trucker, you are responsible for retrieving broken, illegally parked, and abandoned vehicles and transporting them to the towing impound. You are also able to receive service calls from players needing assistance with towing their cars.

For paychecks, you will earn $160/5 minutes.

Job Items & Team Shop Information

Tow Truckers will have access to the following items below. You can purchase these items by striking the [T] key on your keyboard and clicking on the “Gun/Team Shop” icon to bring up the team shop.

Tow Truckers will also have access to job items. These job items will be available to you by using the “Equip Items” tool in your inventory. When equipping tools, a tow trucker uniform is also applied.

Job Items

These items are available for you to use for free while on the job. These items cannot be traded or sold.

  1. Tow Truck
    The tow truck is a variant of the Van that has been cut out and fitted with a flatbed. This vehicle is utilized for towing vehicles.
    Tow Trucker's Tow Truck

Team Shop Items

These items are available for purchase in the team shop.

  1. Repair Kit
    Cost: $350
    (This item is not team-specific, it can be traded and used on any team/job.)
    The repair kit is utilized for repairing vehicles that have been damaged.

Towing a Vehicle

If a vehicle needs to be repaired, you can purchase the repair kit in your team shop instead of towing it back to the impound.

To tow a vehicle, park your tow truck in front of the hood or back of the vehicle you’re towing. The two vehicles must be close to each other, or else the game will not let you tow it.


To place the vehicle on your flatbed, you will need to use the “Tow Car” tool. You can equip this tool by going to the right side of your tow truck and striking [U] on the “Tow Vehicle” dialog box. A new tool called “Tow Car” should now appear in your inventory.


To tow the vehicle, you will need to equip the “Tow Car” tool, then walk to the hood or rear bumper of the vehicle you trying to tow. You will then need to press and hold on the hood/rear bumper to tow the vehicle. You should see a “Towing” loading bar. Once the vehicle has been towed successfully, you’ll receive a notification letting you know. The owner will also know why the vehicle was towed.


Most vehicles will be towed by the front where the engine is located. This is where you’ll press and hold with the “Tow Car” tool. If the vehicle has the engine located in the back such as the Hyper Car, you’ll need to tow the vehicle from the back with your tool.

You’re done! Now, you’ll need to drive the vehicle back to the Towing Impound lot where you spawned. From there, you can release the vehicle.

Releasing a Vehicle

You can only release a vehicle at the Car Dropoff area. To release a vehicle somewhere else, your tow truck will need to be removed or the owner will have to remove the vehicle themselves.

To release a vehicle, drive your tow truck with the towed vehicle over the marked Car Dropoff area in the towing impound.


Once your tow truck with the vehicle is in the Car Dropoff area, you can now release the vehicle. Walk to the left side of your tow truck and strike [U]. The vehicle will be removed.

Service Calls

Your team is able to accept service calls from players. These can be calls about stolen vehicles or a standard service call where you need to tow someone’s car. When arriving at the scene, you can get a service call payment added to your paycheck.

You can set your service call availability in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Setting it to the red status will disable service calls for you.

If a service call is made for your team, you’ll see an Accept/Decline option in the top right-hand corner.

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