We're looking for new team members

We’re looking for new team members.

At the Anomic Community Forum, we strive to maintain an inclusive environment for everyone to discuss and share things about the game Anomic. We’d like to announce that we are now looking for additional team members to back our journey here.

Who are we looking for?

We believe a person who would be the best fit for the AnomicForum team is open-minded to feedback, and constructive criticism, respectful to other individuals, committed to the team, and one with bright ideas.

What do we expect?

As a moderator here for our starting positions, your job isn’t just to moderate our community content. As a moderator, we expect you to become an active member not only in our internal team but on our public community.

What would I do?

Besides moderating content posted by our community members, you will work with your fellow moderators and administrators on planning for our site’s future, maintaining and operating our forum, and helping grow our community.

What are the expectations for activity?

Our team respects the fact that you have other things to do, such as school, a job, family, friends, your social life, and more. That’s why we are extremely flexible with your activity here. As a standard across all team members, we expect you to be here at least a few times during the week. To help us make this position work for you, we’ll work together on determining how we can make your position here work for your schedule.

I’m ready, how should I join the team?

If you believe you meet the criteria stated above and are excited and committed to joining our team, our administrators are looking forward to hearing from your application.

Contact us below and briefly explain on why you’d like to join the team here at AnomicForum. We’re looking forward to your interest!

:envelope_with_arrow: Contact Us

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Good luck to everyone that applies!


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