What do you all feel about Anomic 2?

This might be a bit controversial, but what do you guys think about Anomic 2 and it’s revamped teams and items?

Personally, I definitely like Anomic 1 better, mainly because of its easy-to-use UI. Plus, sometimes build mode glitches and the building window wont go away.

I also don’t like how they removed the cellphone feature, as you can communicate with other users from far distances that way.

The most annoying thing (maybe two) about Anomic 2 is that you cannot lock your car when driving nor can you remove it. This just makes trying to recover your car from thieves harder.

The second annoying thing is that you cannot remove your plot and plus your plot auto-saves instead of manual save, and sometimes that isn’t reliable.

What do you guys feel about Anomic 2?

Yeah, the motorbike is a pretty cool addition

Both are equally good and both have pros and cons.


Anomic Developers apparently added the armor from Anomic 2 to Anomic 1. A lot of people are discussing it in the discord server.

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Oh really? Interesting.

I’m hopeful the devs will figure out the issues and we’ll maybe get a good game.

I do personally think that they should keep anomic 1 as it is, not adding anything like that new car or changing things like the armor.

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Yeah, hopefully, things go back to normal sometime soon.

Agreed, I think the models and world are great though the lighting needs some work.

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I believe Anomic Developers should still contribute and work on Anomic 1, as the first version has only been around for a year. Don’t you think it’s a bit early to start Anomic 2? Anomic hype and community has also been slowing down, and the community is slowly declining too.

Most of these involve exploiters, abusive admins, and now Anomic 2. Anomic 2 is supposed to be a hyped up, exciting new version, instead it turned into some crappy project that some people even want removed forever now.

Starting anomic 2 so early wouldn’t be what I would do as a development team. it seems to have killed anomic. hopefully they maintain anomic classic. anyone see the new car they added to anomic 1?

Me personally I think Anomic 1 is better but the anti cheat sucks and too many hackers.

Personally, I like the anomic 1 art style better but anomic 2 having decent gun mechanics is great

I would say I prefer Anomic 1 for now as it doesn’t demand too many resources and has a classic camera system.

I think it’s the sports hatchback for the new car. :red_car:

yeah, it looks a bit like a Lancia Delta Sport

Has anybody noticed in Anomic 2 that in the early versions, you get in-game items for free through a menu at the top of the screen?

yeah, In the first version I played my inv was full of guns and one of the spawns was a testing plate

Anomic 2 uses way too many resources. My computer lags a bit when playing it.

my computer won’t hurt too bad on full graphics in anomic 2, but it slows a bit

Anomic 2 just lags out my Roblox Client App on PC, so I can’t even play it.