Why is Anomic 2 dead?

Continuing the discussion from What do you all feel about Anomic 2?:

I feel like Anomic 2 is cool and I don’t understand why it has 0 players. I like how it has bots that when you get wanted or cross into Area 51 you get shot at. What’s your opinions?

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People who say they don’t like this variant have all different reasons. A lot of people who play Anomic have low-end hardware, which may not be able to run the revamp.

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I don’t play the revamp that frequently but when I do, it always pains me about the lack of:

  • Government involvement
  • Plot features
  • Supposed gamepass transfers (mainly crew create)
  • Lack of purchasable cash
  • Control and animation similarity to Anomic 1
  • Plot size in general
  • Mayor / US Marshal roles

Of course, there is a lot to love with the new item/vehicle models and quality of life features.

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