Anomic Exploiting Problem

I know that this is a problem for a few years now, but I can’t help myself express my anger in these exploiters. These exploiters are such a problem to the game and I just wonder, why did anomic not add any up-to-date anti-exploit to anomic one anyway? Thoughts?

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It is way too easy to exploit in Anomic, especially Anomic 1. Anomic 2 is more immune to this problem, but are still some exploiters.

honestly when I see a script kiddie with a color changing avatar and a merican cowboy hat, I get my P90 at the ready.

It seems like the exploiting issues for Anomic have returned. After Synapse X was discontinued and partnered with Roblox, most exploiters were largely gone from the game. However, now after around a year and a half, the problem has returned sadly, although at least not as much as before.

Here’s a video I took of an exploiter flying a car around in-game.

I’ve seen a lot of exploiters in Anomic and I feel like its time to get some active Moderators inside the game.

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I agree with you, there are far too little in-game moderators for Anomic.

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