Anomic Newsletter 11/11/23: Fall News & The Upcoming Winter


The Anomic Missionary
Title: Fall News & The Upcoming Winter
Short Description: In today’s article, we’ll recap what’s happening in Fall and things to expect for the upcoming winter.

Published: 11/11/23
Written By: @LinuxCE

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Hello everybody! For some, Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner. We’re already halfway through fall and the Winter in December is approaching. With that being said, we’ve got some news for you all today.

Last Call: Halloween Collectibles

Tomorrow on Sunday 11/12/23 at exactly 3:00 AM, the Halloween event will be discontinued. This is your last chance to get Halloween collectibles in-game such as the Bloodmoon Roadster, Hearse, Bloodmoon VHS Tape, Jack O’ Lantern, and Torch. From right now, you have less than 24 hours to get these items before they are taken off sale permanently.

If you need help with the Quest to achieve the Jack O’ Lantern and Torch, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Wait it Out
    When you’re able to get into the Halloween cottage in Forestry and bots spawn, there will most likely be many players in the area trying to shoot each other and shoot the bots. A tip is to let the players combat each other and the bots first, this usually takes 5-7 minutes. Once things have calmed down, try and enter the cottage from the side without being seen.

  2. Grab that Torch
    When you enter the cottage and jump down the hole into the tunnel below, make sure to grab the torch in that tunnel! You’ll need that torch to find your way to the laboratory. Do note that in order to have that torch save as an event item, you’ll also need to get the Jack O’ Lantern.

  3. Obtaining the Jack O’ Lantern
    To obtain the Jack O’ Lantern, you’ll need to find your way through the maze to get to the laboratory. This is fairly easy and should take less than one minute. When you find the laboratory, make sure to hide in the tunnel and not enter as players could be waiting inside to shoot others who enter. Remember, players who already got the Jack O’Lantern are paid extra to kill others. Allow the other players to combat each other inside while you hide. After things calm down again, make a run for it and go to the far end of the laboratory. You should see a Jack O’ Lantern in the corner, hover over it, and press [E] and you’ll obtain both the Jack O’ Lantern and Torch (if the torch wasn’t obtained at the maze you won’t get it). Congratulations!

If you follow these tips, obtaining both the Jack O’Lantern and Torch will be fairly easy. You won’t even need to have a firearm or armor, just some thinking and prediction.

Upcoming Winter Sale

Currently, there have been no release notes/leaks regarding winter event items or vehicles. However, people are currently speculating that 2022 Christmas Items such as the Reindeer Van will be brought back on-sale again. While this has not been confirmed, it remains a possibility.

Most likely, however, new winter items and vehicles will be made instead as bringing the previous Christmas items back on-sale would decimate their current market value. We’ll publish more information regarding this as information is released.

Upcoming Forum Events

The team here at the Anomic Community Forum is happy to announce that we may be doing events soon. We have been thinking about events such as building competitions for a large cash prize among other things. If you have any suggestions, put them down below in this post.

That’s it for the Anomic Missionary! We’ll be publishing the next article soon. Thanks for reading!

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