Anomic Newsletter 12/22/23: Nevada is now Snowing


Anomic Newsletter MM/DD/YY: Nevada is now Snowing

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It’s about time everybody, Nevada is snowing. This missionary article will be about the new update Anomic has gotten.

Anomic’s 2023 Christmas Update

Today, @Bonfire has just announced the new 2023 Christmas Update. Stocked with advanced plot options, new weapons, and new vehicles, it’s been long awaited by the community.

Introducing Advanced Building
Players have long since requested features like higher prop limits, multiple saves, and much more. I’m excited to announce we’ll be releasing the all-new Advanced Building gamepass! Here are its features that will be public in the update:

  • Higher prop limit (120 → 300)
  • Multiple plot saves (3 slots per plot/garage)
  • Individual prop limits (e.g. OwnerDoor) doubled
  • Exclusive access to advanced props
  • Props that cost money are now free
  • Save naming

This gamepass is now available for purchase at 80% OFF (R$100) before it goes up to R$500 when the update hits. That means this sale will end <t:1703376000:R>! Be sure to secure it before the price raises!

New Weapon: Combat Shotgun
The heavily-anticipated Combat Shotgun, dubbed the “Macro Killer” by testers, is coming with the Christmas Update, modeled after the Franchi SPAS-12. It’s an extremely powerful short to mid-range semi-automatic weapon designed to do nothing but absolutely obliterate. Despite its rather slow reload time and low magazine capacity, it shoots over 4 times as fast as the shotgun, which well makes up for its cons, and much more.

Combat Shotgun
Price = 4400,
Firemode = Semi-Auto,
Damage = 16,
Max Ammo = 5,
Firerate = 330,
Reload Time = 0.8,
Bullet Spread = 4.5

Shotgun (for comparison)
Price = 2800,
Firemode = Pump,
Damage = 16,
Max Ammo = 6,
Firerate = 80,
Reload Time = 0.6,
Bullet Spread = 4.2

As always, we have much more in store for this update, including multiple Christmas quests, more regular/event items and props, and a major content-rich New Years update, dubbed the NYNC Update. What does NYNC stand for? It stands for New Year, New Caliber. That’s right, 7.62, with 3 new weapons, is coming January 1st.

- @Bonfire


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