Anomie County School District

Anomie County District School Board

“Achieving Academic Dreams”
est. 1945

Hello! At Anomie County District School Board (ACDSB), ACDSB was founded in 1945, we’re the leading school board in the Anomic Education Program.

At ACDSB, our mission is to provide our students from elementary up to University the “best” school experience to prepare themselves for the future. At ACDSB, our staff is very friendly, ask them if you need anything!

ACSD Faculty Group

Our Schools:

ACDSB Elementry Schools:

New Player Academy

New Player Academy
Principal: @Jettadonly
Vice Principal: not avail.

The New Player Academy is an elementary school where new players can learn the basics of Anomic. Classes at this school will mainly be centered around the fundamentals of the game, no other courses will be taught here.

ACDSB Middle Schools:

ACDSB High Schools:

Strawberry Mansion High School

Strawberry Mansion High School
Principal: @LinuxCE
Vice Principal: not avail.

Strawberry Mansion High School covers grades 9-12. Strawberry Mansion has a variety of career-focused classes for students to excel at careers in the real world. Founded in 1945 and merged with ACSD in 1960, Strawberry Mansion has been serving students in Anomie County for the past 47 years with diligence.

ACDSB College Institutes

Coworth Park College Insitute

Coworth Park College Insitute
Principal: @egzuio
Vice-Principal: not avail.

The College Insitute of Coworth Park is one of the best college choices in Nevada! College Institute Coworth Park is the Teaching address in Nevada. Here, in Arway, the Institute has proudly presented students with the best of Anomie County since 1945.

ACDSB Universities

Technical University of Anomic

Technical University of Anomic
Principal: @Jettadonly
Vice Principal: not avail.

The Technical University of Anomic has been your number-one choice for university education in Anomie County. Since 1952, TUA has been equipping students with career-focused classes preparing them for their next step in the future. With Automotive and IT-focused career courses, our university is ready to get you started on your career.


Do you have a school build you’d like to register into ACDSB?
Message the Chair of Education: @Jettadonly with this message:

Hello, I would like to register a school for ACDSB.
School Name: name
Type of Plot: plot
Type of School: type

Once done, I will respond to your request with further instructions.


Your school must be in a medium-large plot. Here is the list of plots that are ineligible for registration:

  1. House Plots
  2. Small Store Plots
  3. Apartments
  4. Gas Station


Interested in enrolling in a school? Just visit the school builds that are part of ACDSB and request to enroll!

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