Christmas 2023 Event

Christmas 2023 Event

Welcome to the Anomic Community Forum’s Christmas event! Here is all the information you’ll need to know before attending. If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP at the bottom of this post.

Have questions? Contact @LinuxCE or @Jettadonly for more information.
The private server link for this event is available at the bottom of this post.

Event Date/Time Information

Please RSVP for this event at the bottom of the post.

Event Staff Directory

Event staff can be identified in-game as they will have a “Whitelisted” status tag.

Host → @LinuxCE
Co-Host → @Jettadonly

Staff1 → @Pie
Staff2 → @werctheking
Staff3 → @railmh1

We’re looking for people to help us run this event, if you’d like to pitch in please message me at @LinuxCE on the forum. We’ll also take any cash donations as it will help us fund this event.

Sponsored by The Anomic Marketplace, a trustworthy trading directory. AM assisted our staff in obtaining rare collectible items in Anomic for a reasonable price, allowing us to host these events.

The Anomic Community Forum Christmas 2023 Event is an event hosted in December where you can participate in minigames, scavenger hunts, competitions, and more. The event takes place primarily in the town of Arway. Below are some things that will be held during the event.

This event is based on Goldfish380’s 2021 Christmas Event. You can watch that event here.

For the first half (approximately 30-45 minutes) of the event, it will be general socializing. There will be Christmas-themed plots open in Arway for you to visit such as a coffee shop, a maze, a low-cost dealership (may also be selling discounted event cars), an art gallery, and more.

During this time you’ll be able to explore the Christmas-themed shops and plots and socialize with other players. Minigames will also be hosted during this time such as a maze challenge and Kahoot! Christmas Trivia games.

For the second half of the event, we will be hosting a short Caddy Race and then a Scavenger Hunt. Information about these two competitions is listed below.

Thanks to @lavacast, he will also be handing out event items for free. He called off.

Event Schedule

Main Event Starts → General Socializing & Minigames (~30-45 mins) → Caddy Race (~15 mins) → Scavenger Hunt (15+ mins) → Main Event Ends → General Socializing & Minigames (this part will only occur if a decent amount of people remain after the main event ends)

Caddy Race

Since our previous caddy race was a positive experience for our participants and staff, we’ve decided to incorporate it again into our Christmas 2023 event. This event will last around 15 minutes or less.

Participants will start at the Towing Impound and begin driving in the direction of Pahrump. Participants are to follow the race route attached in the image below. The first three people who cross the finish line will get a cash prize.

TIP: Release the accelerator when going downhill to bypass the caddy’s maximum speed limit. Make sure to not go too fast with this method as you can lose control.

You are required to follow the race route. If you deviate, you will be disqualified. Ramming/crashing into other caddy drivers is permitted, so be aware of your surroundings.

Caddy Race Route

[START] Towing Impound → Pahrump → Eaphis → Phester → Eastdike → [FINISH] Towing Impound

Please also check the caddy race route image attached below.

Caddy Race Prizes

  1. First Place
    Anomic Cash Prize of $75,000

  2. Second Place
    Anomic Cash Prize of $50,000

  3. Third Place
    Anomic Cash Prize of $25,000

Scavenger Hunt

For the scavenger hunt, players will be given approximately 15 minutes to find items scattered across the map. Time will be extended & hints may be given if players are unable to collect all the items in the specified time frame. A list of the available items you can obtain during the scavenger hunt is located below.

To maximize the amount of people who are able to get their hands on an item, we are limiting participants to obtaining one item.

:stop_sign: STOP - READ GUIDELINES » You must read the Scavenger Hunt guidelines below before participating in this game. By participating, you automatically agree to the guidelines.

:video_camera: RECORDING IS MANDATORY » It is mandatory to record your full gameplay during the scavenger hunt. Staff will let you know when you must start recording and when you can stop recording. You will need to hand over your footage to redeem an item you find.

Players participating in the scavenger hunt will be given a Sedan to drive around the map. This vehicle is mandatory and other vehicles are not permitted for use.

Planted throughout the map will be images that are associated with an item. These images will be placed on walls, floors, inside plots, etc. You can view an example of these images and locations by jumping to Examples of Potential Item Locations.

When you find an item image in the scavenger hunt, message a staff member in-game saying that you’ve found an item and would like to redeem it. We will verify your findings and the item you found will be distributed once the scavenger hunt ends. You will need to hand over a full unedited video recording of yourself participating in the scavenger hunt to redeem the item. This is to safeguard against cheating.

Examples of Potential Item Locations

Potential locations of scavenger hunt items can be found inside buildings, along the outside of buildings, on the ground, etc.


Scavenger Hunt Items

This is a list of items you can find that will be scattered throughout the entire map of Anomic.

  1. Machine Pistol (MP) | Quantity: 2
    A rare, off-sale item that is worth around $50,000+ in Anomic Cash. Get a chance to obtain one for free in the scavenger hunt.

  2. Legacy Green Medi-Kit | Quantity: 1
    A rare, off-sale item that is worth around $75,000+ in Anomic Cash. Get a chance to obtain one for free in the scavenger hunt.

  3. Reindeer Van | Quantity: 1
    An event vehicle that was only available during the 2022 Christmas event that is worth around $150,000+ in Anomic Cash. Get a chance to obtain one for free in the scavenger hunt.

  4. R$200 Robux Card | Quantity: 1
    A genuine R$200 Robux card from the Microsoft Rewards program. Get a chance to obtain one for free in the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Guidelines

You must follow these guidelines in order to participate in the event. If you violate these guidelines, you will be removed from the event.

  1. Head Starts
    Getting a head start on finding the items in the scavenger hunt is strictly prohibited. All users are required to be present in the waiting room during preparation and prior to the hunt starting. We will let you know when you can begin scavenging.

  2. Exploiting/Cheating/Bribing
    Exploiting is strictly prohibited and will get you removed immediately. Any form of cheating such as watching staff plant the items or bribing staff members to reveal the item locations is also strictly prohibited and will get you removed immediately.

  3. Sabatoging Other Players
    Any form of sabotaging such as killing other players, running other players over with vehicles, etc. is strictly prohibited and will get you removed. Guns will be disabled server-wide.

  4. Vehicle Usage
    The only vehicle you are permitted to use for the scavenger hunt is the Sedan. This vehicle will be distributed by staff. The usage of any other vehicle is strictly prohibited and will get you removed. This is to prevent players from having an advantage against others.

  5. Recording Policy
    You will be required to record your full gameplay during the scavenger hunt event. Staff will let you know when to start recording and when you can stop recording. You are required to hand over footage of your gameplay to redeem an item. We will not accept edited/cut versions of your footage.

Event staff reserve the right to remove people from the scavenger hunt event if their actions are deemed to be disruptive, give an unfair advantage, or for any other sensible reason. You automatically agree to these guidelines upon participating in the scavenger hunt. If you do not agree, you may not participate.

Event RSVP & Private Server Access

Please RSVP for our event. By doing so, you’re helping our staff members allocate the appropriate amount of resources and plan for our Christmas event. A forum account is mandatory to RSVP.

To join the event’s private server once it begins, please click on the link below to access the forum’s private server directory. We will be utilizing the “Anomic 1/Original Private Server” for this event.

Anomic Free-to-use Private Servers |

We hope to see you attend our event! If you know any friends who are interested in Anomic, please take a moment to invite them to this event. See you in December!