Cloudflare Proxy & DNS Updates

Cloudflare Proxy & DNS Updates

Hello everybody, recently the forum has switched over to Cloudflare’s DNS and proxy services. The reason for this is that Cloudflare will mitigate DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. After the switch, we have found issues where users would be greeted by a “Too Many Redirects” error.

Our development team has found out the reason for the error is that SSL (secure socket-layer) connections to the website were being looped back to Cloudflare servers and our web host server, causing an infinite loop which is why browsers closed the connection.

Our team has implemented a fix that should stop the loopback issues. If you experience any issues such as the site feeling sluggish or you having issues connecting via HTTPS, please let our team know immediately.

Also, to address our site outage that lasted from last night to this morning, our container was being rebuilt and it encountered an error. The issue has been resolved the site was restored back online. We usually conduct container rebuilds (rebuilds are required for site upgrades and maintenance) during the night in Eastern time to mitigate disruption. During these container rebuilds, it’s normal to see Cloudflare’s error screen (if the error page remains for an extended period of time, please notify our team).

Again, if you encounter any site issues such as slowness or an HTTPS error, please let our team know immediately. Thank you.

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