Give me creative ways to give away money

ok so my current list

  • events, like simon says or 1v1 tournaments
  • scavenger hunts
  • not leaving a taxi to run up my taxi bill
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Try opening a free car dealership.

ooo that would be a good video idea

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agreed. taxis may not be the most efficient way to waste money in my opinion, but i have thought about trying a free rifle stand.

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Another way that you can give away cash while maximizing the amount given is purchasing vehicles in bulk as crates, then leaving those crates unlocked across the map. Kind of like a scavenger hunt or quest.

duels, grab 2 ppl and make like a little area in like a car dealership and have em duel with handguns. and like whoever wins will have the option to go again for double or nothing

What would the prizes be for that game?